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She went on to graduate first in her class from Howard University’s law school, advised former first lady Eleanor Roosevelt on civil rights and was ordained in 1976. She celebrated her first communion at Chapel of the Cross in Chapel Hill, where her grandmother had been baptized as a slave…(Read More)

With a class action lawsuit filed against Greg Mortensen in early May following investigations by writer John Krakauer and 60 Minutes, what is needed now is three cups of compassion…(Read More)

People inviting Wallis to policy briefings and White House meetings should realize that he “is far to the right of the people he’s allowed to speak for…(Read More)

Under pressure from more than five dozen House lawmakers, the Navy late Tuesday abruptly reversed its decision that would have allowed chaplains to perform same-sex unions if the Pentagon decides to recognize openly gay military service later this year…(Read More)

UPDATED: According to reports on Twitter right now, the Twin Cities Synod of the Presbyterian Church has voted overwhelmingly to support an Amendment (10-A) that would effectively change existing policy and now allow partnered LGBT clergy to serve as ordained ministers…(Read More)

With the Mississippi river reaching a near record crest today, and with the expectation that the flooding will remain severe through the end of May, church groups and others are beginning to organize a short term and long term response. The Episcopal News Service reports on the efforts of the Diocese of Mississippi. “‘The bishop…(Read More)

According to the Navy Times, the new policy of allowing openly gay and lesbian to serve in the military has caused the Navy Chaplain Corp to issue a memo allowing for Naval Chaplains to perform same-sex marriages on navy bases. Naval facilities may be used for the reception…(Read More)

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