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Underhill remembered


Evelyn Underhill, one of the best loved modern writers on spirituality, is being remembered on the 100th anniversary of the publication of her book “Mysticism”. The Church Times has a wonderful profile of her work and the reach of her influence written by the new dean of Grace Cathedral in San Francisco, Jane Shaw. For…(Read More)

As was noted at the beginning of this week, there’s been a series of three essays posted on Daily Episcopalian each of which invites the readers to take a close look at the Anglican Covenant the Episcopal Church is expected to respond to in the next few years. If you missed them this week…(Read More)

The chaplains of Joplin


As Joplin Missouri continues its rescue and recovery work, some of the busiest people in town have been the volunteer chaplains. The New York Times details what their ministry has been over the past week, focusing particularly on the chaplains work of sharing bad news with families desperate to find their loved ones. “Mr. Heath…(Read More)

Church Mouse summarizes


An English blogger known online as the “Church Mouse”, who appears to be very well connected within the Church of England, has posted a good, dispassionate summary of the story that broke early this week regarding the Slee memo…(Read More)

There’s a growing trend in Great Britain (and in the States) of people not feeling the need to be married before they have children together. So why do people then get married after the children arrive…(Read More)

Debra Nussbaum Cohen reports on The Sisterhood blog at the Jewish Daily Forward: Rachel Isaacs has known, for as long as she can remember, that she wanted to be a rabbi. But Isaacs, who on May 19 became the first openly gay rabbi of either sex to be ordained by the Conservative movement’s Jewish…(Read More)

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