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If the world stands idly by this time, then Khartoum’s troops and northern-aligned militias will bring genocide in the Nuba Mountains. This would be the latest genocide of many in an attempt at a “final solution” to the Nuba, as in the Khartoum regime’s stated purpose of eradication…(Read More)

While the leadership of the Catholic church and others rail against the New York same-sex marriage bill, other religious leaders say “there are some among us who are using religion as a smokescreen to hide their intolerance, choosing to misstate the plain language of the bill and falsely claiming that it fails to protect…(Read More)

The Anglican Church of Canada Governance Working Group has issued its report Legal and Constitutional Issues Presented to the Canadian Church by the Proposed Anglican Covenant. The report comes on the same day the Episcopal News Service reported that a key TEC document on the Covenant would not be issued for now for fear it…(Read More)

ENS reports that the sub-committee formulating the Executive Council’s response to the proposed Anglican Covenant is refusing to release a report on whether the covenant would require changes to the Episcopal Church’s Constitution and Canons…(Read More)

The Primate of the Anglican Church of Canada, Fred J. Hiltz, writes to Bishop Michael Ingham of New Westminster about the recent Supreme Court of Canada judgement. With integrity and insight, you represented the Anglican Church of Canada, its constitution, Canons and recognized decision making processes within the synods of our church – diocesan, provincial,…(Read More)

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