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There’s something about a new year that invites a reckoning.  We want to understand what has happened, we want to imagine what might lie ahead, and we make commitments to change ad do differently.  How successful we are at these surely varies, but that won’t stop us from peering into the tea leaves…(Read More)

2017 in review


It’s farewell to 2017 (some might say good riddance) but there was grace and glory too; here are the big stories from the Café in 2017…(Read More)

The Church of England has committed herself to what our Archbishops have called radical new Christian inclusion, and has publicly stated that we are against all forms of homophobia.  If we mean this, and I believe we do, then we need to find appropriate ways of welcoming and affirming LGBTI people who want their love…(Read More)

“I’ve read studies that suggest the presence of a chaplain can make a difference without saying anything,” she said. “Just being aware that someone is there helps…(Read More)

This is Godly materialism: hugging those whom no one hugs, eating with those with whom no one eats, listening to those to whom no one listens, touching those whom no one touches, remembering those whom no one remembers, loving those whom no one loves…(Read More)

The bishop of Liverpool, Paul Bayes, told the Guardian some religious leaders of “colluding with a system that marginalises the poor.” He told the Guardian, … “self-styled evangelicals” risked bringing the word evangelical into disrepute, and added there was no justification for Christians contradicting God’s teaching to protect the poor and the weak. “Some…(Read More)

Reflecting on her long decades of marriage, family, and the unusual home life of a monarch, the Queen told how she found inspiration and encouragement in the love of Jesus…(Read More)

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