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A new Café coming soon


On Monday, June 5th the Episcopal Café will not be available while a week of work on our new site design begins. During that time, keep up with us on Facebook and Twitter…(Read More)

Lego Fundraiser


Over 15% of students’ families are unable to pay “Redemption’s” annual tuition of $300.00, which includes instruction, uniform, and books…(Read More)

The Reverend Philip Wogaman, ordained in the United Methodist Church for 60 years, retired in 2002 at the end of 10 years pastoring Foundry UMC in D.C., has just surrendered his credentials, “citing continued United Methodist injustice against LGBTQI+ persons.” In the press release, published by Foundry on its website and also by Reconciling…(Read More)

From the Episcopal Church Foundation: May 31, 2017, New York, NY — The Episcopal Church Foundation (ECF) has named five 2017 Fellows – Jennifer Adams-Massmann, Stewart Clem, Ashley Graham-Wilcox, Renee McKenzie-Hayward, and David Peters. The Fellowship Partners Program is ECF’s longest running program and has supported emerging scholars and ministry leaders across the…(Read More)

Cuba Revisited


St Luke’s Episcopal Church in Darien CT, along with many other parishes and individual Episcopalians across the U.S., are taking action, believing that the bond between the Episcopal Church in both countries must be maintained no matter what happens politically— in either country…(Read More)

New Hampshire Bishop Robert Hirschfeld is preparing to lead a 40-day pilgrimage on the Connecticut River, from Northern New England near Quebec to the Long Island Sound…(Read More)