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  The United Methodist Church, like the other mainline Protestants in the U.S. in recent years, has been embroiled in the debate over human sexuality and the place of LGBTQ+ people within the leadership of the denomination. At specific issue is a clause in the Book of Discipline – the UMC’s equivalent of the…(Read More)

General Convention is less about resolutions (as important as some of them were), and more about renewing the ties that bind us together as the Episcopal branch of the Jesus Movement and reclaiming what our Presiding Bishop calls “a way of being Christian that looks like Jesus of Nazareth…(Read More)

Resolution B012, in its final language, aims to extend marriage equality to parts as yet unreached by offering alternative episcopal pastoral support to clergy and congregations whose bishops do not currently permit them to solemnize same-sex marriages. A statement from the Communion Partners of the Episcopal Church appears to turn the tables, stating that…(Read More)

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