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As today’s Google Doodle reminds us, March 8 is International Women’s Day. In keeping with the spirit of the day and raising up female voices, there are several headlines about women in Episcopal/Anglican churches in today’s news, though not all of them are positive. Ahead of International Women’s Day, the…(Read More)

Many stories from around the Episcopal/Anglican world emerge in any given week that we aren’t able to develop further here at the Cafe. So, here is a roundup of stories you might have missed…(Read More)

“We certainly do not want to exclude the unique witness of Bishop Mary and her ministry from those debates and deliberations. So, not without mixed feelings, we the bishops of New York will be attending the Lambeth Conference….at this time it is the intention of Becki Sander to accompany Bishop Mary to England, though…(Read More)

“I served as ecumenical officer of the Episcopal Church and have been to a number of General Conferences. I’ve told Episcopal Church colleagues that what was coming in the United Methodist Church would make the conflict the Episcopal Church had over Gene Robinson look like the Council of Nicaea by comparison. I knew it…(Read More)

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