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In a letter posted on the diocesan website this morning, Bishop Johnston announced his intention to resign and retire. “After many months of intense prayer and reflection, and in close consultation with the Presiding Bishop and our Standing Committee, I am formally announcing that I have decided to resign my office and ministry as Bishop…(Read More)

The Baltimore Sun reports that Heather Cook, the former bishop suffragan of Maryland, has applied for work-release: “The prison system’s Victim Service Unit said in the July 19 letter to the family of Thomas Palermo that placement of Cook “is to begin within the next several weeks.” “But Gerard Shields, a spokesman for…(Read More)

The Albany Times-Union reports that the Bishop of Albany is taking time to think about how to respond to Resolution B012, which essentially places the responsibility for solemnizing marriages in the hands of parish clergy. “[Bishop William] Love opposes same-sex marriage, and earlier this month voted against the resolution authorizing it at the…(Read More)

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