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The church, in Norfolk, VA has seen increasing flooding in recent years. They may have been hoping these incidents were one-offs, but now the blinders are off and they have chosen to accept the reality of increasing sea level rise and increased flooding…(Read More)

It took a second round, but the Southern Baptists, this week at their annual convention, passed a resolution condemning the white nationalist movement. The first draft of the resolution did not move forward, sparking protest from many, and, on the other side of the debate, a tweet from alt-right proponent Richard Spencer (“Jesus never…(Read More)

The Episcopal News Service reflects on the recent meeting of the Executive Council of the Episcopal Church, calling it “a historic meeting … marked by relaxed conviviality.” Set against the backdrop of Puerto Rico’s latest vote on statehood – a vote which, some say, is moot given that Congress is unlikely to approve such a…(Read More)

The New York Times reports on a research paper investigating the political opinions of religious leaders in the USA, and finds that America’s pastors – the men and women a majority of Americans look to for help in finding meaning and purpose in their lives – are even more politically divided than the rest of…(Read More)