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Last weekend saw the election of three new bishops, for Arizona, Kansas, and the Churches in Europe. This weekend, there will be two more. Colorado will elect a new diocesan on Saturday, following a process which saw the removal of one candidate from the final slate, pending a disciplinary investigation. (Our previous coverage is available…(Read More)

In Chapel Hill, N.C., the Episcopal Church of the Advocate has begun a collaborative project, building, funding and documenting the construction of three 320-square-foot “tiny houses” on its property to serve as housing for those affected by poverty and homelessness. From the News & Observer: It’s a joint effort among the…(Read More)

From our friends at Episcopal News Service: The Rev. Cathleen Chittenden Bascom, from the Diocese of Iowa, was elected Oct.19 as the 10th bishop to lead the Episcopal Diocese of Kansas. She was elected on the second ballot during an election that took place in the worship space of Grace Cathedral in Topeka, receiving…(Read More)

The Associated Press published an article on its blog yesterday about the Episcopal Church’s willingness to confront and acknowledge its role in past sexual abuse. With striking displays of candor, the Episcopal Church is acknowledging the potency of the #MeToo movement by officially lamenting its past role in sexual exploitation and pledging steps to…(Read More)

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