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From the seminary’s press release: Virginia Theological Seminary recognizes that enslaved persons worked on the campus, and that even after slavery ended, VTS participated in segregation. VTS recognizes that we must start to repair the material consequences of our sin in the past. The income from the endowment will be allocated annually in conversation…(Read More)

The Episcopal News Service reported two losses in the Episcopal Church in the first few days of September: The Rev. Alison Cheek, one of the first female priests in The Episcopal Church and the first to publicly celebrate the Eucharist, died on Sept. 1 at her home in Brevard, North Carolina, according to friends. She…(Read More)

Earlier this week, a South Carolina judge denied The Episcopal Church in South Carolina’s motion to dismiss a betterments case brought against them by breakaway churches who retain physical control of more than two dozen parishes embroiled in legal controversy.  In November 2017, the breakaway group filed a betterments claim, seeking compensation for improvements…(Read More)

A series of events the past two weekends, Episcopalians have commemorated and remembered the beginning of the slave trade in what would become the United States of America, in August 1619 when the first ship landed near Jamestown, in the British colonies in the New World. Friday and Saturday, August 16 and 17, the Episcopal…(Read More)

The Brief concludes: “If President Trump is allowed to indulge this whim, he will turn to others. And the President has, repeatedly, singled out religious minorities for contempt. Amici therefore have a reasonable  expectation that, if permitted to divert funds on this pretext, President Trump will later use that power to surveil, harass, and sanction…(Read More)

The Rev. Peter Munson, a recently retired priest from Colorado, is walking across the U.S. to raise awareness and raise money on behalf of four nonprofits which work directly with children (the REMAR Children’s Home and School in El Salvador, the Denver-based Street Fraternity, Episcopal Relief and Development, and the Episcopal Church…(Read More)

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