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I wished fervently that I could believe he is off fighting for freedom, for justice, to create peace. But I do believe, as Bob Dylan phrased it, that he is “a pawn in their game.” As most of us do, I watch the powers that be right now, the oligarchy, and how they twist reality…(Read More)

According to the state Supreme Court ruling, the disassociated Diocese of South Carolina would have to relinquish 29 church buildings. But that diocese’s officials soon indicated they would petition the U.S. Supreme Court in an effort to overturn the state court decision, and on Friday, Feb. 9, that’s just what they did…(Read More)

Another objector wondered, “Why have anything as undignified as a lavatory in a church?” as though the dignity of human bodily experience had not been well established by the precedents of Creation and the Incarnation…(Read More)

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