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I think one of the main themes to come out of Philip’s book is that very strong sense that the price you pay for transmitting a spiritual vision in institutional terms can be very high. And the questions sometimes is not so much about the nature of the vision as about the price you…(Read More)

From an all-male hierarchy that trains priests to look only to their superiors for guidance, to a theological emphasis on secrecy, to the “creeping infallibility” that confers divine authority on church leaders, the Catholic church needs reform — at a structural level. And it’s up to the laity to begin the process…(Read More)

Many places throughout the Christian church are faced with hard realities such as declining membership and financial shortages. “The way we have always done it before” was never realistic for those locations challenged by geography, poverty, and low population, and it is becoming increasingly unrealistic for other, more prosperous and populous regions…(Read More)

I respect people who convene conversations, especially if the conversation is between parties or individuals who otherwise would not be speaking. But too often what passes for conversation is an exchange of set-piece opinions by talking heads who are both well known and well compensated, that adds nothing to the public’s understanding of…(Read More)

Rowan Williams has apologized for saying in passing something that is incontestably true: the Catholic Church in Ireland, which has knowingly sheltered child rapists for decades, has lost all credibility. The bizarre overreaction by both the Irish Church and the Anglican Primate of Ireland shows how deeply entrenched the clerical attitude of privilege is in…(Read More)

Easter Social Hour


It’s been fascinating to watch Holy Week unfold in the social media sphere. On Facebook, the prayers and meditations coursing through priestly status updates have reached a point where someone is going to need to develop a Facebook liturgy soon. It’s culminated today with much call and response on both Facebook and Twitter…(Read More)

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