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After making a pastoral visit to the Episcopal Bishop of Haiti, the Presiding Bishop, offers reflections on her visit and Episcopal Life offers new multimedia resources on the devastation in Haiti. New multimedia resources on Haiti earthquake available From Episcopal Life Online Close to a month after a Jan. 12 earthquake hit the Haitian capital…(Read More)

“We must learn to work together amid unprecedented diversity. A little knowledge can be dangerous. But knowledge that builds understanding will equip us for the work we must do together…(Read More)

The Standing Committee of the Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles reports on consents from Standing Committees of The Episcopal Church: Among the Standing Committees of the 110 dioceses of the Episcopal Church, a total majority of 56 consents is needed to each of the two bishop suffragan elections for the Diocese of Los Angeles. As…(Read More)

Asking all the right questions


How many of us knew anything about the massive winter storms that have left the Cheyenne River Sioux Reservation without power or water or heat for nearly two weeks? Why do some causes get snowed with aid while others don’t…(Read More)