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Not much mentioned here in the United States, there’s massive reaction to charges of sexual misconduct leveled against one of the premier voices of the West Bank Settlement movement, Rabbi Mordechai Elon. Known in Israel as “Rabbi Motti” and featured on a regular television show, Elon has denied all the charges of inappropriate touching…(Read More)

Grocery store pastor


This is what happens when the divine meets the mundane, when speaking in tongues collides with picking up milk, when God’s love is offered alongside the express checkout…(Read More)

Repentance is hard work


This is probably not what Brit Hume had in mind, but Tiger Woods says he is turning to religion as well as psychotherapy to help rebuild his life…(Read More)

Every Olympics has its small cadre of chaplains whose job is to tend to the spiritual needs of athletes. But rarely does that care confront the big issues — life and death — as it did in Vancouver just hours before the 2010 Opening Ceremony…(Read More)

Can former English Anglo-Catholics who played the systems in two different churches to get their ordinariate learn to play nice with their new Roman Catholic companions or will they use their perch to continue to meddle in the Church of England…(Read More)

Ashes on the go


Updated. Ash Wednesday is the first day of Lent. The imposition of ashes is a powerful symbol of our “mortality and penitence” and a powerful reminded of our need for God. We have heard of several churches in Chicago and St. Louis who have found ways of bring the ancient rite to busy places where…(Read More)

Roger Ebert on God


“Roger,” she said, “that is just something you have to believe. Pray for faith.” Then I lay awake wondering how I could pray for faith to a God I could not believe in without faith…(Read More)

Through the wonders of digital photography and the web, visitors may “revisit” images from Sainte Trinite, the Cathedral in Port au Prince, Haiti before the devastating earthquake that struck last month. Dr. Donivan Bessinger of Greenville, SC has posted these images, collected after many years of spending time in Haiti. Thank you Dr. Bessinger for…(Read More)