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“I am terribly shocked and deeply saddened by the barbarous acts of violence brought on innocent worshippers at Easter Sunday services”, Bishop Dhiloraj said in a statement. “The Church of Ceylon unreservedly condemns these cowardly and cruel acts of terrorism and conveys our deep condolences to the families and friends of those who have lost…(Read More)

Weekly Roundup for April 20


It was a week of big stories across the world, of fires and veanl presidents, but here are some of the smaller stories you may have missed…(Read More)

Bishop Happenings


Today seems to be a heavy news day as far as Anglican bishops are concerned. There are three articles of note: First, from ACNS: Over 500 Bishops from 39 Anglican Provinces Register Organisers of next year’s Lambeth Conference of Anglican bishops have announced that 502 bishops and 382 spouses have so far registered for…(Read More)

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