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Bishop Happenings


Today seems to be a heavy news day as far as Anglican bishops are concerned. There are three articles of note: First, from ACNS: Over 500 Bishops from 39 Anglican Provinces Register Organisers of next year’s Lambeth Conference of Anglican bishops have announced that 502 bishops and 382 spouses have so far registered for…(Read More)

Earlier this week, the Bishop of the Diocese of West Texas, David M. Reed, released a letter detailing several immigration initiatives that are ongoing in the diocese.  The Diocese of West Texas is the southernmost diocese in the state and includes the cities of San Antonio, Brownsville, and Corpus Christi.  The diocese borders Mexico to…(Read More)

Designed to give congregations resources that form our members in the Episcopal faith, the rites and ceremonies contained in this book are to be understood, interpreted, and used in light of the theology, structure, and directions of The Book of Common Prayer…(Read More)

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