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Earlier this week, a Summit County, Utah church made local news, something to which many churches aspire.  This time, however, it wasn’t for something to celebrate.  The church, unnamed in the article, made the local news because they have been the target of scammers four times in the past year.  Although, each scam was…(Read More)

The bishops declined to take a side on the political and legal issues that have prompted protest, instead urging “people from both sides … to respect the other party, listen, communicate, and build mutual trust,” remembering that “benevolent thoughts come from God while wicked intentions originate in the ‘evil one,’ Satan…(Read More)

Stand up!


should we sit,head in our hands, rehearsing a concerned and compassionate shampoo, and hope for the best?  It is no longer enough. Not any more…(Read More)

For a bit of whimsy on a Friday afternoon, we have two reports from England of unusually creative ways to highlight the space of cathedrals. Following last week’s news that Rochester Cathedral had installed a miniature golf course in its nave, Norwich Cathedral followed suit by installing a helter skelter: A cathedral has installed…(Read More)

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