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As a Christian, I attempt daily to offer my life to God. I fail at this task with the same regularity as I begin it. However, I keep trying. As a result I have discovered so many of my failings and so much of God’s mercy that I can only commend this practice. Blogging…(Read More)

In January, my friend Marlene took the General Ordination Exams for priesthood. There was a call from our church for people to pray for her at specific times during the exams. I signed up for slots on all three days. Then, like Peter denying Jesus, I went and forgot to do it. All. Three. Times…(Read More)

The Magazine: The Habit


I have lots of habits. Some are bad, like never turning the lights off when I leave a room; others are good, for instance I’m usually prompt. But my best habit is the one I wear as a Sister in the Anamchara Fellowship. Every time I put it on I think of Paul’s…(Read More)

Some years ago, at the suggestion of an elderly and very wise Quaker friend, I developed a list of things that I wanted to do on a daily basis–habits, if you will. Next to each item, I put the time I thought I should spend on each thing: 10 minutes of utter stillness, 20…(Read More)

Jesus, I recognized, acted in ways that bent or made exceptions to the Law if adhering to the Law (or to its then prevalent interpretation) would have resulted in behaviors that disrespected or devalued persons. In other words, respect for the well-being of others was a foundational virtue for Jesus…(Read More)

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