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There is a right way to practice music that I find very difficult. It involves getting right into the middle of the tricky parts and working through them again and again and again. There are neurological reasons that make this the most effective way to study a piece and to improve in good time. But…(Read More)

Religious rituals teach us to dance with God. For many Episcopalians, the shape of our Sunday rituals changed dramatically with the adoption of the 1979 Book of Common Prayer. Holy Communion replaced Morning Prayer as the usual Sunday worship service…(Read More)

What I came to understand is that bullying is built out of a perverse reciprocity. What is seductive for the bully – what feeds him – is the reaction of his victim to his threats and his taunts: tears, rage, disorientation, and terror are all equally delicious. Deprived of these things, the bully goes hungry.…(Read More)

As a Christian, I attempt daily to offer my life to God. I fail at this task with the same regularity as I begin it. However, I keep trying. As a result I have discovered so many of my failings and so much of God’s mercy that I can only commend this practice. Blogging…(Read More)

In January, my friend Marlene took the General Ordination Exams for priesthood. There was a call from our church for people to pray for her at specific times during the exams. I signed up for slots on all three days. Then, like Peter denying Jesus, I went and forgot to do it. All. Three. Times…(Read More)

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