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The Magazine is the part of the Cafe that looks beyond the news to share the story of the Episcopal Church.  Throughout each month will post items built around a theme, and our theme for January is ‘Loss.’  So what do we mean by ‘Loss?’  There’s the loss of death, of course.  But we…(Read More)

Like many adults in the Episcopal Church today, I am not a cradle Episcopalian. I grew up in the Methodist church in my Southern California hometown, though I was not happy there. I was glad when in high school my work schedule at the local supermarket had me in the store on Sunday mornings. That…(Read More)

By Jim Friedrich How does the world perceive the church? How do we perceive ourselves?   Using six photographs taken over the last ten years, the Rev. Jim Friedrich considers these persistent questions of image and identity.   Corpus Christi procession, Rue des Ecoles, Paris (2005). The antique vestments and gestures appear incongruous or even…(Read More)

The Magazine: One Body


by The Rev. Dr. Donna L. McNiel There is no doubt that the Church is changing. It’s not merely decline, but a shift along with the rest of our society in how we do everything. It’s the same shift that our larger society is experiencing. In our churches it’s reflected in lower…(Read More)

by The Rev Nathaniel Pierce The perceived high cost of the Church Center at 815 Second Avenue in New York City generates many comments. Why? Let’s begin with a basic job description. The purpose and function of the Church Center is to: 1) Carry out the basic functions of any international organization: support the…(Read More)

By Emily Rowell Brown A dear friend from college sighed as she told me about how she was struggling to find a church after her recent move to DC. She had a church in New Haven, where she had lived previously, but she confessed to me that it never really felt like home. “I never…(Read More)

Watch a video of Street Church Meet the members of Street Church . . .  Mike is one of the funniest people around. He’s lived on the streets for years, addicted to alcohol, and to making people laugh.  Sharon is mentally ill. Voices in her mind threaten and confuse her. She is on and off…(Read More)

the Magazine – what is it?


Welcome to the first post of our newest Episcopal Café section, the Magazine.  Our hope for this new effort is to invite many voices to tell the story, the lived experience, of the Episcopal Church.  We’ll be doing this through videos, essays, art, interviews, narratives, essays and whatever else we might come up with…(Read More)

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