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In the magazine this month we’re exploring the place of money in the life of faith and the life of the church. In this piece, Sandy Webb contrasts the relationship of wealth to faith in Matthew’s Gospel…(Read More)

Episcopalians and the Tithe


Like many congregations, his church was struggling to raise adequate financial resources. Yet, if more people gave generously, like he learned as a child, the church would have enough money and then some. What’s up with Episcopalians and the tithe…(Read More)

Being Who We Say We Are


Bishop Mary Gray-Reeves reminds us of the importance of gender equity in the body of Christ and shows how we can continue moving in that direction…(Read More)

Whose will it be?


In the Magazine this month we’re exploring our relationships to money. In this piece Richard Schaper offers the three questions we all should ask when seeking to align our finances with our souls…(Read More)

Being terrible


In the Magazine this month, we’re exploring forgiveness. In this piece Kelly Wilson, reflects on his own ability to be a terrible person and the struggle to accept God’s love anyway…(Read More)

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