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Dainty but powerful


Prayer beads are a useful spiritual practice, as long as one knows what to pray while fingering the beads. A good friend of mine sent me a set of prayer beads a few years ago, but because I was stressed, the cord holding the pieces together broke and my inexperience with spiritual practices made the…(Read More)

A reasonable response


I guess all I am saying is that if God can create a way to connect with a people who have, for millennia, been rather uncooperative, then we can dig deep and meet that with equal creativity…(Read More)

Faith Reels holiday film vault


by Bonnie Anderson and Dan Webster   This week we look at films you most likely will be able to watch at home online (Netflix, cable On Demand, Apple, Amazon Prime, etc.) or DVD. We hope these films will spark the Christmas spirit that is already alive in you and provide you with humor, insight…(Read More)

Look Up!


After all, I am pretty sure Hell is just an eternity of getting what we thought we wanted…(Read More)

This video is a gift to any congregation who might like to customize it with local Christmas Eve and Christmas Day service times and other information. Feel free to use it as you see fit. It’s royalty-free and ready for customization…(Read More)

In time, I realized that thinking of the human spirit as the eternal soul poses a similar unsolvable puzzle This approach also requires explaining how, and perhaps when, ensoulment occurs, i.e., how and when a human acquires her/his soul or spirit. Furthermore, this approach creates problems of body-spirit dualism with which theologians…(Read More)

by Jon White, Café editor A year ago the Café transitioned into a new stage of life; we formally incorporated as non-profit and began seeking the financial support of our readers.    We were faced with that choice because our site had grown too big for the private servers where it lived, and we needed…(Read More)

Trickster’s Advent


What God did that night in Bethlehem was different and creative and risky. “Would it be crazy if we joined them as a human…(Read More)

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