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by Jon White, Café editor A year ago the Café transitioned into a new stage of life; we formally incorporated as non-profit and began seeking the financial support of our readers.    We were faced with that choice because our site had grown too big for the private servers where it lived, and we needed…(Read More)

Trickster’s Advent


What God did that night in Bethlehem was different and creative and risky. “Would it be crazy if we joined them as a human…(Read More)

Because of this otherness, spiritual practices both satisfy a yearning to connect with the music of our life, while at the same time, fuel a yearning to be in a group who shares and rehearses this sense of otherness. We can say “I’m spiritual” as a result of a practice, but until we connect…(Read More)

Angels we have heard on high


The National Gallery in the UK is producing a series of short videos on angels based on paintings in their collection. They are a delightful exploration of the meaning and presence of angels in art and in the psyche…(Read More)

Let us give thanks


Reece Marshburn is a composer and member of St Gabriel’s Episcopal Church in Portland, OR. Here he offers a reflection on composing; viewing it as both spiritual practice and piece of belonging to community…(Read More)

We cannot receive the blessings of the overwhelming beauty and power of God’s creation without the gifts of air and light. Air moves, and we have the wind which sometimes blows gently against our bodies, and others moans through the cracks in our homes like a miserable ghost. Usually, I listen to the wind…(Read More)

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