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The problem we have faced for many years is that we made excellent progress in discouraging and responding to sexual misconduct, only to rest on our laurels. This left issues like relational, financial, spiritual and emotional abuse waiting in the wings, akin to evil specters lurking in the night just beyond the shadows of a…(Read More)

One must tread carefully on Ash Wednesday, because what is called up on this day most centered on penance is at once deeply personal and very core to our being and identity. We are acknowledging that we can’t go it alone. We recognize our limitedness. Together we will stare into our mortality. We will…(Read More)

What does one do with two competing views in a public forum? For me, as a person of faith the conundrum is deepened by the fact that two practitioners of the same faith can have opposing views while they engage with the same human story…(Read More)

Noted British Baptist minister, Steve Chalke, has been offering a series of short videos (Chalke Talks) challenging the assumptions and workings of modern Christianity. In the latest he calls out the way the Bible has been used as a cudgel that harms the well-being of LGBT+ persons…(Read More)

I look away because I have a story in my head that this person, experiencing homelessness, has failed.  I hold a story in my head like some great library in my body – old, elegant, dusty, silent, and full of secrets and lots and lots of lies…(Read More)

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