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If a person, deciding about their philanthropy is not grateful for what they have, philanthropy will be rendered as effective as a cellphone without a charger. This is why a good stewardship program in a church is only, ever as good as its formation program…(Read More)

Bishop Michael Curry’s Royal Wedding Sermon is why I take my kids to church. That vision of the “church” of radical love and inclusion – it’s why I sometimes arrive home late after attending church meetings and kiss my sleeping kids goodnight…(Read More)

Sure.  Preach about love.  But is a plan so very unspiritual? By acting out now to raise endowments and major gifts, might we be able to help midwife the Church’s molting with resources She might one day need…(Read More)

I want the chance to repent, to turn, and I hope that I will hold out that possibility to other people in my life. In Reconciliation we are also asked “Do you, then, forgive those who have sinned against you?” And I mean it when I say “I forgive them…(Read More)

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