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A Modern Revelation


My apocalyptic moment happened at a computer desk in a tiny studio apartment in the northern reaches of Manhattan, amid a clutter of papers and half-empty coffee cups. But it was no less earth-shattering than if an angel with a flaming sword showed up at the door delivering the news…(Read More)

It’s about walking


There is a spirituality, a deep spirituality, that occurs in walking. It is the reason Jesus walked into Jerusalem. It is the reason some pilgrims walk the el Camino de Santiago de Compostela. It is the reason we walk today. We find God in our walking…(Read More)

The truth is we are not safe. Those words are difficult to write but it is true. Many, many like me, chose to enter the church or a monastery because we were seeking a safe place in which to be protected and nurtured, when in fact that has never been its role…(Read More)

But “God” is only a word helpful in speaking of God with others – like a sort of code, the way “WALK” and “EAT” mean something to Kai. It gets a job done. But that entity we call “God” is, while decreasing in vocabulary, increasing exponentially in immanence and intimacy…(Read More)

By doubling down on trying to maintain what was familiar about the church and its mores, we may have poorly positioned ourselves to respond positively to what was happening in our parishes and neighborhoods. Inadvertently, in the press to respond to profound human suffering and changing circumstances which were often baffling, we all too often…(Read More)

Silence, speech, and love


How, then, to reconcile two social needs which seem at odds with each other: a longing for spaces for peace and reflection with the urgency of social justice issues? How can we create spaces for the former without sticking our heads in the sand and ignoring the latter…(Read More)