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Christmas Colors


What cup might I make to offer water to an exhausted mother in a manger or a large man on a cross? A cup of simple clay with the colors of a New Mexican Sunrise…(Read More)

God, the parent


Parenting changes our standards for what we need to get done, and how we are going to do it. Would we say that it changed God…(Read More)

Then, in all his eccentricity, in all his strange dress and inflammatory words, John the Baptist actually gives the right answer to his disciples. He says, quite clearly, “I am not the one. I am not the Messiah.” His words should be a constant reminder for anyone these days, for anyone who receives adulation and…(Read More)

Advent is not a time in which we find God.  Advent is a time in which we stretch, awaken and realize that, regardless of the “hell” it feels we are in, “heaven” is and will always be all around us, conspiring towards our joy and making darkness not dark…(Read More)

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