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Millions of Americans are celebrating Labor Day this weekend:  by taking an extra day off.  This may seem paradoxical at first, but it’s not.  Labor and rest ideally complement each other in a sacred balance. Labor can be good and life-giving, or the opposite.  So too can the ways we rest…(Read More)

“Much is made of the “d-o-g spelled backwards” thing.  It’s sweet.  It’s true in my experience. God, though, is so much more than a reverse metaphor for my beloved dog…(Read More)

If we’re honest with ourselves, we know we’ve spoken words both of life and of death.  Most often a mixture of the two.  And sometimes, it’s true, our words make a difference…(Read More)

5 Poems


Five poems from poet, deacon and candidate for ordination to the priesthood, Megan McDermott…(Read More)

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