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Uncovering Recovery: The Coiled Spring

“This is because the problem of the alcoholic is not alcohol; it’s alcoholism.  Alcohol (or ice cream or dice or sex or banging on the steering wheel) is not the problem… in fact, it’s a solution, a way of medicating the problem.  The problem is what Bob D. calls “the coiled spring.”  Bob, a national-level speaker within the recovery community, says that inside every alcoholic/addict there is a spring in the gut that gets wound tighter and tighter.  Each resentment, each emotional wound, each baffling situation, increases the tension on the spring.  Our fear and anxiety continue to grow, and we suffer.  At some point, our suffering is great enough that we need relief.  The alcoholic or addict finds (temporary) relief/escape through their addictive behaviors.”

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I wish I had known.

“I wish I had known 
How God
Would use my study for my conversion.
I wish I had known how little the scriptures 
Would take part.
And how much the walks on beaches would.
And the dogs.”

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A Revival of Indifference

“Across this nation, the false prophet of these revivals is systematically drowning out the cries of communities gasping for air with cries to the false idol of human ego. Instead of caring for those who are in actual distress they distress themselves with the fiction that they are silenced, banned, and their civil liberties attacked.”

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Five Bible-Walks in the Holy Land

In the land of Israel, almost any piece of ground your footsteps steps on, also has a biblical connection. The major sites like the Church of Holy Sepulcher or the Mount of Beatitudes need no further introduction. Here we will describe 5 walks to lesser-known spots that associate with the greatest story of the bible. Reaching the location on foot brings an added value of a deeper connection with the land.

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A Meditation on Eve

“Eve, by eating of the apple takes God’s wisdom into her physical body-cells and heart-soul.  God entered into each cell of her body in that moment and we have inherited that presence of God in our cells. Eve then leaves the garden because she has wisdom and no longer needs the protection of the garden walls. She leaves being an adolescent and becomes an adult, able to hear God’s voice because God dwells inside her.”

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The Ties that Bind

“Those who God has joined together, let no one put asunder. Our minister spoke these words regarding the ties that bond Kris and I together in matrimony. But, this experience has shown me that there are very real ties that bind us all together: in marriage, family, friendship, and community.”

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All of Her Children: a Reflection with Psalm 139

“We have committed ourselves, through our baptismal covenant, to respect the dignity of all people. These are times when that seems insurmountably difficult, as the internet and the airwaves are full of cries to do the opposite. It’s easy to make the person you fear, whether it’s the victim or the police officer, into someone not worthy of compassion or care. But our God knows us and loves us, and we respond with a commitment to keep struggling with our own biases, fears, and pain to embrace respect for all of Her children.”

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Uncovering Recovery: Yes!: The Spirituality of Surrender

“Those in recovery from addictions know that surrender is a choice of life or death (and of joy or suffering).  In admitting powerlessness over addiction and in surrendering to a Higher Power, addicts open the door of their lives to an immense, transformative power.  The catch is that, in order to enact this surrender, we have to become willing to turn our will and lives over to that Higher Power (God).”

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What If We Miss These Times?

“What if 2020 has afforded us all a retreat – a time to spend time with ourselves, to identify with what we hold to be important.  History will surely be both compassionate and judgmental in how many have approached this pandemic and in policies enacted and those not followed.  We will all have stories of this year to pass along to others but what if, perhaps in just a small way, once we return to “normal” we miss it just a little?  What if we look back and realize lost opportunity?”

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A Song Lyric of Fire

“I am Seraph. I am one of the Seraphim. My name comes from the Hebrew word “seraph” which means “to burn.” When we speak in the temple, it fills with smoke and its timbers shake in the midst of our fire, and our voice.
Our fire is part of all fire and all fire is part of us. 
We clean.
We prophesy. We destroy. We create fields ready for new growth. We are fanned by ecclesial arrogance and human greed.
We are not in Manhattan on 9/11, nor are we in California on 9/12.”

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