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But the real reason that I have been at that church almost every Sunday since for over seven years is that Jesus was there. I walked in and there he was. He was in every face in every pew. I saw him. I felt the spirit in the air. It was humming…(Read More)

Episcopalians are typically motivated more by gratitude for the gift of Jesus and new life as his followers, than by anxiety for the salvation of others.   We tend to believe in the “wideness of God’s mercy…(Read More)

The church is not changing.  The church is not dying.  The church is simply molting into a new form.  Could it be that Celtic spirituality – “a listening for God in the heart of life” as John Philip defines it, may be there to catch a church beginning its free-fall from power…(Read More)

In Celebrating the 50 Days of Easter, Nancy Hopkins-Greene explores ways let go of fear, cultivate signs of new life, read the Bible, bring new life to others, and invite God into your questions…(Read More)

One of the great mysteries of life in the church is the question of and tension between bounty and scarcity.  It is so much easier to talk in church of things “spiritual” like the Trinity, sin, hope, eternal life.  Angels and incense –chalices not calluses.  The stakes are rather low if lovely…(Read More)

This feast is not one of chocolate and eggs.  Nor is it one of hymns and lilies or forsythia and trumpets.  It is rather a feast of dynamos and awakening.  Jesus strides into our hells to burst them asunder…(Read More)

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