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Whether we are thinking about ourselves, our candidate, or a spiritual leader, believing or acting like this one person getting into a position of power is the end in itself, will always end in someone getting crucified (generally metaphorically…(Read More)

The Episcopal church has long been a conglomeration of different sorts; here a political scientist trains his eye on the church and sees three broad groupings. And though there are differences, there is much they share…(Read More)

Our own sufferings are likely to be small by comparison with those of Jesus and the holy martyrs.  And yet, there is no particular suffering Jesus has not known.  And no one (no, not one single person) is beyond the reach of his compassion…(Read More)

Equal Partners


Despite our violence, which cost him his life, Jesus was not afraid to become bone of our bone and flesh of our flesh.  For our sake, he became human and showed us God’s ways…(Read More)

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