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The history of Christian marketing is familiar to many of us. In the beginning, the Church focused on marketing. Even before the Church existed, Jesus devoted a substantial portion of his three-year ministry to forming twelve disciples committed to perpetuating his mission. After Jesus’ resurrection, the disciples’ primary focus became proclaiming the good news…(Read More)

Emotional labor” has gone viral recently – the unpaid management of feelings (their own or others) required of those who work in service industries. Confusingly, in the popularization of the phrase, the distinction has gotten lost about what is actually “emotional labor” and what are other kinds of labor we simply have feelings about…(Read More)

It is hard not to be spellbound by Paul Thomas Anderson’s disturbingly beautiful Phantom Thread, Daniel Day-Lewis’ mystifyingly memorable Reynolds Jeremiah Woodcock, and Vicky Krieps’ enigmatically sensational Alma. It is a most unconventional, unparalleled older boy meets girl story…(Read More)

It feels like we humans have a spiritual spot which is like the dog’s paw or the human foot…sensitive, tender, easily triggered because of so many alert-nerve-endings.  We have, inside us, a spot which humans and God can “touch” that triggers us…(Read More)

Come and See


Over the next few weeks we will be looking at “raising people.”  A healthy church will need to “raise money” each fall so that they have the financial resources to fuel their mission.  Similarly, a healthy church will want to “raise people” in the spring so that they have the human resources to fuel their…(Read More)

Begin with me


I came to see how the Holy Spirit can work through us in the most unexpected ways, to let peace begin in small places, and maybe spread to the whole world…(Read More)

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