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Our lives are spent in anticipation of resurrection, both in the present life and in the one that is to come.  In a way, our entire lives are a kind of a theological purgatory, as we await our own resurrection in Christ.  We are stuck in Holy Saturday until we can find our way to…(Read More)

Let it be


Canon Bill Carroll offers some thought on the Blessed Virgin Mary…(Read More)

The way out


Reflecting on the ordeal of the Thai soccer team trapped in a cave – this story resonates with so many people not because of the one-to-one shared experience we may have had, but because of a very symbolic shared experience between us and these boys…(Read More)

Why Not?


Seven-year-old Kristina sat in front of me before the 11 am service recently, wearing her alb. I leaned forward and asked her if she knew that girls at one time were not allowed to be acolytes. She looked puzzled more than shocked. “Why not?” she asked…(Read More)

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