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one truth is becoming increasingly clear, which is that sexual abuse is endemic in society as a whole. No denomination, church, or organization can safely conclude that it has effectively addressed sexual abuse. Nor is any church immune from the effects of sexual abuse…(Read More)

Drive Lovingly


We can’t build our way out of our daily frustrations and annoyances, but perhaps we can build up within ourselves a capacity for grace…(Read More)

Eighteenth century remains from a dissenters graveyard unearthed during construction in the English city of Wolverhampton were recently re-interred in a moving service at St John’s Church adapted from the 1662 BCP…(Read More)

Because of his baptism, water is forevermore a sign of his death and resurrection, of forgiveness, of discipleship, and of the gift of the Holy Spirit.  Truly, when we are washed in the font, Jesus himself baptizes us, with the Holy Spirit and with fire…(Read More)

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