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Showing the Way


I am convinced that we are all exiles (one way or another).  And so, we need GOD to show us the Way home…(Read More)

I believe these travelers who arrive carrying only small bundles of meager possessions, their children clinging to hems and sleeves for safety, are not feared because they are a threat to our sovereignty and security. Instead, I believe, too many people fear the caravans and the sojourners because they are forced to confront the consequences…(Read More)

Eat this Bible


In this review we tease out the conversation between Rachel Held Evans’ Inspired and Eugene Peterson’s Eat This Book…(Read More)

Come Lord Jesus


We ask God to help us overcome everything within us that divides us from God and each other—yes, even from our own true selves…(Read More)

A response to the death of John Allen Chau on Sentinel island. Instead of discussing the motives and morality of the slain missionary the author focuses on what the progressive Christian church can learn from this sad affair…(Read More)

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