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The Leap


God holds our hearts in times of incubating beginnings like the earth holds seed in its dark embrace.  Who knows when and how understanding quickens?  We don’t see it until the stalks push up into the day…(Read More)

Some dismiss these young people for their youth, much as Jesus was as well. Yet they are the same age as many of the leaders of the American Revolution were, the same age as the Marquis de Lafayette and James Monroe were in 1776…(Read More)

Yes, Peter, you see that I am the Christ/Messiah, but you don’t understand what that means. It doesn’t mean turn away from a hard choice, even death on the Cross, if it is my Father’s will…(Read More)

I often think about this when I am dealing with people,.. I like to remember that what I am seeing is not the whole person. There are histories and stories behind the person in front of me, things I can’t understand. And hopefully, I can find some compassion in that…(Read More)

Coming off the bench


Someone must be ready to jump in and take over almost seamlessly to make the production successful. If a member of a team on a project must drop out, someone must move in to take their place. Other people have to double up so that they have time to find replacement without slowing down the…(Read More)

I wonder if the parable of the bridesmaids is almost wishful thinking on the part of Jesus. None of his own followers were exactly waiting for him to show up. None were buying extra lamp oil because he was late. He wasn’t expected at all…(Read More)

Double Vision


God has given me this double vision, stirring my heart, so that my sorrow and my mindfulness of the needs of others go hand in hand with my wonder and my sense of awe…(Read More)

As though


In the Gospel of Luke, Jesus asks the crowd, “Who among you, if your child asks for a fish, would give him a snake instead, or if he asks for an egg, will give him a scorpion…(Read More)

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