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In the Beginning


“Like the descriptions of the redwoods cannot substitute for actually being in the old growth forest, so the stories of Jesus cannot stand in for a relationship with him…(Read More)

Christmas Eve


“The waiting is almost over. Christ will be born again, and again, and again, until his coming to cleanse the whole world of sorrow and tragedy…(Read More)



“And these songs are not ordinary songs. They speak of making great the works of God in the life of the world. They are as much acts of resistance as they are outpourings of joy. Resistance and glorious visions of justice for the oppressed ring throughout our gospel today…(Read More)

“I’ve since learned that that particular feeling corresponded very nicely with the definition of what people call thin places or spaces. It means a place, time, or both that is invisible but can be felt in an almost tangible way. It’s a feeling that there’s only a step or two between heaven…(Read More)

Poor Thomas!


“This is not the kind of life path a chronic doubter would take. Yet, poor old Thomas will probably be known as “Doubting Thomas” for many generations to come…(Read More)

Let’s Be Still


“Spotting Love becoming manifest in the mid-winter world feels a little like that.  It takes being still for a long time in order to see Christ emerge into the dark stillness…(Read More)

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