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It is in serving the most vulnerable, the most easily overlooked, ignored, or exploited people that we learn the most about the love of Christ; because it is by the need to listen deeply, by setting aside our own agendas and letting ourselves be led by the pain of others that we find our way…(Read More)

“Jesus can reach us and banish discord and evil, but we have to be open to Scripture and to the breath of the Holy Spirit. We need to practice Jesus’ teaching. We need to live in faith and trust each other, to turn our lives around, to open our hearts, to renew ourselves in these…(Read More)

Zero Sum Game


“The tentacles of my world, my lived ethic, my choices, reach deeply into those living in my sphere – my family, friends, church, the nation and the world. And vice versa…(Read More)

Faith and a Comma


“Faith is doing what may not be the most natural thing but is the right thing. It is the letting go of my personal will and putting it in God’s hands while still using the intellect and reasoning ability that God gave me at my birth to do what is right and what I…(Read More)

“Each time we gather for communion, we offer our gifts, which are then taken onto the altar—mundane, simple things like bread and wine, yes, but also we offer what we value—our monetary offerings and offerings of our selves: our time and our talents for the common good. Those offerings are then blessed, consecrated…(Read More)



“Yes, there are words that hurt, especially when heard in the context of church and worship, but similarly there are words that speak God’s grace. It takes practice and forgiveness over and over again to be a church and a people who can speak words of love to everyone who enters…(Read More)

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