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“Love is far more than infatuation, far more than warm feelings. For love to be love love, there must be an intertwining, a connection, a sense of belonging, one to the other…(Read More)

“This armour, though, is not for fighting. It’s so that we can stand. Just stand there. It’s defensive. The readers of this letter would have been subject to assault, so they needed defence…(Read More)

“The kingdom of God isn’t a goal to be achieved once I take my last breath. It’s something that is as close as my next breath and as available as God’s grace…(Read More)



“Job’s friends were able to be still and silent with him and for him. His suffering was so great and inflicted on him in a way that no mere human could control that their presence was the only gift they could offer their friend…(Read More)



“It’s as if really seeing Jesus in his totality is all that is necessary to usher in the Kingdom of Heaven…(Read More)

“We need to listen to certain stories again and again, whether those from our religious traditions, from our cultural traditions (oral traditions or folk tales), or even from the corpus of Shakespeare or Toni Morrison or Star Wars, if preferred. We need to pick a tradition we admire, and then let it work through us…(Read More)

A Good Death


“Each of these sins – loss of faith, loss of hope, loss of patience, loss of humility (pride), and loss of serenity (avarice) – are pitfalls in our living, as well as our dying…(Read More)

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