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Looking Ahead


“Hard as it is, these bodies are dead. We can not help them. But there are other bodies, living bodies. If we set our face to the future, we know that we’d better fight like hell for those bodies…(Read More)

“We see those children packed into detention centers, many of them mere tents, far from their parents, lost, alone, frightened, dirty, sometimes sickly, and probably hungry. These are lambs, and lambs are supposed to be tended, fed, and cared for because they don’t know how to fight for themselves…(Read More)

“Serving at the food bank or homeless shelter is a great thing to do when feeling a bit depressed or unloved.  It gets us out of ourselves and gives us an experience of being of help in a very needy, divisive world…(Read More)

“Perhaps Jesus is like the aperture in a camera obscura. He is the opening between two worlds and two truths. He shows us things that are outside our perception, things which we have walled ourselves off from. He is the means through which we can see that which is eternal…(Read More)

“Wherever we go, be with us, Lord. Open our eyes to the beauty of your creation, teach us to marvel at the cricket’s nighttime music, and the hummingbird’s beating wings. In airports, along state highways, or high above the clouds, may our response be words of awe and praise: How marvelous is your…(Read More)

“We live in a world of complex people in various stages of self-recognition before God, with all the sins of ego and envy and grasping for power that fight with the fruits of the Spirit within us. That’s the sad truth. Are we swimming in the current, the words of Jesus guiding us…(Read More)

“You don’t have to have much faith, apparently. You can yell out to God, “Leave me alone,” and that is all God needs to know that you want to be made well…(Read More)



“Jesus said in Matthew, ‘So do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will bring worries of its own. Today’s trouble is enough for today (6:34).’ I wish I could say it’s an easy thing to do, but when the checking account doesn’t cover next week’s groceries, or the heating element…(Read More)

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