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Frogging and Life


“Psalm 13 9:14b speaks of, “…you knit me together in my mother’s womb.” Every knitter who is a Bible student knows that one…(Read More)

“Contemplation and action are two sides of the coin that makes up our Christian life, and they are represented in both halves of our Eucharistic liturgy.  Mary and Martha are not competitors in ministry; they are partners in ministering to Jesus…(Read More)

“The unique gifts of the heart we each can offer – the little things, like shiny pebbles from the beach – sometimes become bus tickets back to the world of worthiness from the bleak realm of despair…(Read More)

“Nobody ever said the Way was easy or risk free. And nobody ever said that Jesus’ words were easy to understand without prayer and spirit driven discernment…(Read More)

“The purpose of the Psalm was to glorify God. It does that very clearly and very poetically. It reminds us of all that God has done and all that has benefited us throughout the millennia…(Read More)

“…his Gospel is the one that introduces us to Elizabeth and Zechariah, gives us the Magnificat and the Bethlehem birth narrative, and shares the prophesies of Simeon and Anna…(Read More)

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