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Listening to the Prophet


We know our Biblical history. We know that the rulers and the people failed to listen to the prophets over and over…(Read More)

Be patient with us sinners


We beseech you, O Lord our God, be patient with us sinners. You who know our weakness, protect the work of your hands now and in times to come, deliver us from all temptation and all danger and all the powers of darkness of this world, and bring us into the kingdom of your only…(Read More)

A Gift


She was in heaven, and there she met the dearest friends she had ever had. They loved her more than anyone else had ever loved her, and they knew her better than even her beloved family did. And she knew she loved them, more than anyone, even family. But, she wondered, she didn’t know…(Read More)

A City Without Walls


To build a civilization in a new way. An open, defenseless city of welcome and hospitality. A city trusting in God rather than its own might. A city with God at its center instead of its own pride…(Read More)

The Little Apocalypse


There is something about the flavor of Matthew 24-25 that is like a friend looking upon us — erect, bright-eyed, and smiling broadly — and saying, “Well, what did you expect…(Read More)

Awake, Aware and Prepared


Some people today are constantly searching for signs that the end times are here, citing wars and famine, earthquakes and fires, abandoning the worship of the true God for a false one and failing to live in accordance with Biblical teaching…(Read More)

What needs stirring up in our faith communities? What ingredient are we as brothers and sisters in Christ? How do we plan to take our turn at the handle of the spoon…(Read More)



Do not be like a horse or a mule, without understanding, whose temper must be curbed with bit and bridle, else it will not stay near you. Psalm 32…(Read More)



Putting our houses in order can never be an angst-free or despair-free proposition–nor will their rebuilding be perfect–but we can learn to appreciate the special clarity darkness provides as a backdrop for seeing even the tiniest glimmer of light…(Read More)

“O great, holy God, I pray to You: Open my own interiority to me so that I properly know what I am. Unlock that within me which was locked shut in Adam. Let me see and discover in my interiority of mind the beautiful morning-star in the holy Name JESUS, which offers itself out…(Read More)

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