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Not chosen


Thinking about these possibilities can lead each of us back to a time in our own lives when we were not chosen for something we desired…(Read More)



I have to consider where sin, repentance, judgment, and redemption play their parts in the floods of my life and the life of the world around me. Where is God in the story, and where are the plans for the boat…(Read More)

The Heart


We are invited to have soft hearts, hearts open to the transforming love of God. And our example is Jesus…(Read More)

The manifestation of the world’s true King and the one true Light shakes loose our settled convictions and patterns of living. It causes us to forsake the path of least resistance and to enter into new and unsettling relationships and ways of life. Ways of life based not on domination but on brotherhood and…(Read More)



It is our great myths that speak to the most compelling and mysterious questions. When we speak of Mystery itself, when we speak of the Divine, it is story and dance (liturgy) and prayer that communicates most deeply…(Read More)



Today may my words, my breath, and my being be one with the divine consciousness for which I was breathed into life…(Read More)

“V8” moments


Epiphanies are gifts from the Spirit. They can’t be exchanged like a bad Christmas tie but, in a sense, they can be re-gifted, passed on to someone else in the form of good works, looking and listening for subtle calls for a shoulder to cry on or even a chance to ask if…(Read More)

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