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Holy Saturday


What other gods have undergone such an ordeal for their people? What other gods have stepped down from their gilded thrones to become the same as any person by whom they were considered a deity? Jesus did, and as a result we have Holy Saturday, the day between death and despair and the day of…(Read More)

Given our limited insight, resources, and emotional nourishment, most of us are doing just about as well as we can. And we can fail so miserably…(Read More)

Last Gifts


It is tense. This may be the last time Jesus can gather safely with his friends. Betrayal is in the air. What will he do? This is his last chance to teach, to reinforce the message that he has been living all this time…(Read More)

“By What Authority?”


It’s almost impossible to attack entrenched power straight-on. It must be undermined. Usually its destructive power has to be brought out into the open where everyone can see its brokenness. But that means victims…(Read More)



Like Jesus, we can offer our own pain, our helplessness and hopelessness to God, asking God to use our suffering like God used Jesus’ suffering, for the healing of the world…(Read More)

Palm Sunday


Perhaps it is this same unflappability that we need to embrace as we plunge into Holy Week–to remember that the Peace of Christ is already among us, and all we have to do is claim the victory that is already there…(Read More)

There are really rotten people out in the world walking around in perfect health, financially well-off, seemingly living the good life while I’m here stuck in this awful situation. Why me? Where is Moses when I need him, interceding with the Pharaohs of my world for me…(Read More)

Opening Heart


When I am awake and observant, alive to the wonder and beauty of life, my heart is more alive. When I am in touch with a sense of gratitude, my heart is softer. When I am motivated primarily by compassion, my actions are more heartfelt…(Read More)

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