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“You don’t even know all that I have done. You think God will have anything to do with me if he knows me. I’ve been there…(Read More)

Approached in a prayerful manner, the Bible is found to be always contemporary–not just writings composed in the distant past but a message addressed directly to me here and now. “He who is humble in his thoughts and engaged in spiritual work,” says St. Mark the Monk, “when he reads the Holy Scriptures will…(Read More)

Conversion of St. Paul


I’m afraid in the world of spreading The Good News In Christ, the institutional church in the past century, has been too complacent to “kick for one”–and the result is declining membership in the mainline denominations…(Read More)

The cost of saying “Yes”


As much as Li Tim-Oi suffered at the hands of the Japanese and the Communists, the rejection by her church of her priestly vocation must have been one of the hardest battles she had to endure… It’s hard to be a prophet, and it’s hard to be the first. It’s hard…(Read More)

Helping Someone Suspicious


Jesus does good without recourse to the relative merit, or lack of merit, of the royal official. He did not reject the man because he was a servant of Herod Antipas, despite the cruel treatment to John…(Read More)

Too much of a good thing


It’s also important to consider that human nature reveals at times our “magnanimous” behavior isn’t always as magnanimous as it seems. I call it “The Mismatched Pieces of Pie Gambit…(Read More)

Only God our Lord can give the soul consolation without a preceding cause. For it is the prerogative of the Creator alone to enter the soul, depart from it, and cause a motion in it which draws the person wholly into love of his Divine Majesty. By “without cause” I mean without any previous perception…(Read More)

Either Progress or Slip Back


We can practice faith, hope and love. We can produce the fruits of the Spirit. We can live in conscious union with God. In fact, anything else is loss, something wasted that cannot be reclaimed…(Read More)

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