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Superman would not willingly walk into a room full of Kryptonite–it was more likely Lex Luthor would ambush him with it. Without her bullet-repelling bracelets, Wonder Woman is just as vulnerable as the rest of us–and how in the world can she discern the truth without her Golden Rope…(Read More)

Commemoration of Óscar Romero, Archbishop of San Salvador, and the Martyrs of El Salvador Readings: Psalm 31:15-24 Isaiah 2:5-7 Revelation 7:13-17 John 12:23-32 If we are worth anything, it is not because we have more money or more talent, or more human qualities. Insofar as we are…(Read More)

Channeling Love


If love is the energizing cauldron of emotion, how do we channel that energy into constructive rather than destructive actions…(Read More)

Having now preached this Gospel again, I would note that it is precisely in the wilderness that Christ is lifted up. It is when we wander in places that seem barren and desolate that he is to be sought and found. Lenten disciplines do not make the desert; they unveil the one we are already…(Read More)



I like to say that everyone has gifts, what are yours? …I think it is important also to realize that not everyone gets every spiritual gift…(Read More)

I think about Cyril sometimes in light of what seems to happen every time we get a pile of Anglican bishops together worldwide and it seems some of them want to exclude others of them from the table, or when they start having notions that two X chromosomes make someone incapable of balancing a mitre…(Read More)

We have a lot to thank Ireland for, including Patrick and Patrick’s Lorica, the Breastplate. Who needs green beer when they can have a daily dose of poetry, prayer and statement of faith, all in one shot…(Read More)

Psalm 88


I’m glad we have Psalm 88. I’m glad we read it out loud in public. There are times and conditions that we experience as unmitigated sadness. There are circumstances that are hopeless…(Read More)

God so loved the world


The heart of the matter is that all is gift–abundant mercy poured out in the gift of this particular Son, given in a world where sin and violence abound…(Read More)

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