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“The rich person toils to amass a fortune, and when he rests he fills himself with his dainties. The poor person toils to make a meager living, and if he ever rests he becomes needy…(Read More)

How much is enough


What if…(horror of horrors!)…instead of a 40 hour work week being standard, a 21 hour work week were the norm? The theory is that there would be enough work for everyone to be satisfied and more mentally healthy…(Read More)

Holy Man, Holy Place


Commemoration of Columba, Abbot and Missionary Isaiah 61:1-3 Luke 10:17-20 These, O my children, are the last words I address to you – that you be at peace, and have unfeigned charity amongst yourselves, and if you follow the example of the Holy Fathers, God the Comforter of the good will be…(Read More)

Boat in a Storm


But sometimes we can keep our eyes on Jesus, the stillpoint of calm in the center of the storm, and we can walk through the storm…(Read More)

The very life of God is one of goodness expressing itself generously, fully. This divine goodness lives in personal communion. God is interpersonal and relational. This communion has at its center the Word, the core or middle of God’s life as Trinity. Wishing to express overflowing goodness, God wishes to pour out an expression…(Read More)

Equal Calling


“How can you meet gentiles half way (not keep food laws), then require them to go the whole way (be circumcised…(Read More)

“My dear brother, I fear we have undertaken to steer a ship through the waves of an angry sea, and we can neither succeed in our task, nor without sin abandon it…(Read More)

Treasure Old and New


Our duty is not just to guard this treasure, as though it were some museum-piece and we the curators, but earnestly and fearlessly to dedicate ourselves to the work that needs to be done in this modern age of ours…(Read More)

Psalms 146, 147 (Morning) Psalms 111, 112, 113 (Evening) Job 38:1-11, 42:1-5 Revelation 19:4-16 John 1:29-34 Today’s readings, particularly in the interplay between our reading from the Hebrew Scriptures, and the Gospel, might best be classified as examples of what happens when God launches an “air…(Read More)

A lesson from Proverbs


With patience a ruler may be persuaded, and a soft tongue can break bones. If you have found honey, eat only enough for you, or else, having too much, you will vomit it. Let your foot be seldom in your neighbour’s house, otherwise the neighbour will become weary of you and hate you. Like…(Read More)

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