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Perhaps this is the hidden story of Emily Malbone Morgan–that she is a lesson in how our hearts and minds can change under the influence of God’s mercy and grace…which brings us back to why she has a spot on our calendar, her absolute devotion to intercessory prayer. The more we are…(Read More)

A Fruitful Mission


Reading the biography of John Roberts, who we commemorate today, the thing that reached out and grabbed me was how different he was from probably almost every other white person the Arapaho and Shoshone people had ever seen or met. He treated them with respect, encouraging them to maintain their tribal languages, customs and traditions…(Read More)

“The Lord is Near”


“The Lord is near.” What a gentle encouragement. Much of the intention of the many prayer disciplines is to create in us a constant sense of God’s presence. Classical spirituality calls it “recollection” — the state of being constantly aware of God and responsive to God’s presence. Some use the word “mindfulness”. A gentle…(Read More)

Softening our hearts


The hidden meaning of every discipline–and I’d be the last to underestimate their importance–is the softening and the opening of the heart for communion with God…(Read More)

Ash Wednesday


We are to look at ourselves with conscious penitence. We are to confess, and to know our forgiveness. We are to take responsibility for our corporate brokenness and injustice. And we are to commit our selves to a new way, the disciplines of individual goodness and corporate reform…(Read More)

Perfect Attendance


Now she lived in simple dread — the burden of living up to the perfect chain or the burden of inevitable failure…(Read More)



When we are faced with the presence of the Glory of the Lord, do we try to stare at it and burn out our spiritual retinas? Do we try to keep it all to ourselves by putting a box over our head? Or do we trust there’s enough there to share with the whole…(Read More)

The lesson of Lazarus


There are so many times when I wish I didn’t have to make decisions, especially difficult ones that are part of an intensely internal flood of emotions. Those emotions pull me this way and then that as I consider the consequences of my decision. Even after I decide, there are second, third and fourth…(Read More)

Learning to be Blessed


By this time in our Genesis narrative, Jacob has been assured and reassured of God’s intention to bless him. . . But Jacob has never really trusted God. He has always made his own way, usually by cunning — willing to cheat, lie or deceive to advance his cause…(Read More)

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