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His respect for the person as vessel for the Holy shows in everything he says. “Listen with the ear of the heart,” he instructs. And, from his Rule, Chapter 53: “All guests who present themselves are to be welcomed as Christ, for he himself will say: I was a stranger and you welcomed me…(Read More)

“Running in the rain may not sound like your idea of fun, but a southern summer rain is warm and lonely in that lovely sort of way. I ran, and the drizzle fell to silence, like snow in winter, the graceful hush stilling both ocean and soul. I ran, and thought only of beauty and…(Read More)

“Joseph is us, perhaps a whole lot richer than most of us, but still us. And he does what he has to in order to honor the body of his beloved, if sometimes perplexing, teacher according to the rituals of his people.  And he takes a big risk with the Roman authority and his own…(Read More)

“Today we have a story about Jesus’s advance team. It’s hard to know what their aspirations or hopes might have been but Jesus gave them the same advice that we gave our 20th century advance team:  Travel light…(Read More)



“If a wineskin got a hole in it, it would be patched with the hope that it would hold the wine added to it. Just because something had a hole in it did not mean it could be discarded and a new one procured to replace it…(Read More)

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“From their point of view, they saw Saul babbling to himself, falling to the ground, and arising blind. They were not expecting to have to care for a blind man on this trip, and there had to be more than a little fear on their part…(Read More)

StDavid’s Cathedral, Wales

What makes a journey into a pilgrimage? These past two weeks I have been (as one wildly privileged) travelling in Britain, visiting family and taking a quick side hike into the Lake District. Throughout this allegedly ordinary and secular trip, I have been plagued by thoughts of pilgrimage. We have each, in the past weeks…(Read More)

“Together, the plants strengthen and protect one another. They are waiting together, reaching for the sun. The red, yellow, and orange colors reveal such beauty, offering seeds and new life with every touch of the wind. The light shining down touches them all…(Read More)

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