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“So, yes, the wedding feast has meaning. It was the place where Jesus first acted, not in the Temple courtyard or in the synagogue, but in a home filled with joyous people, people celebrating a new family and the promise of children and a life to come…(Read More)

“I can’t plan an epiphany, but I learned that they could happen at any time, anywhere, and about almost anything. It’s a joyful moment, and it’s a discovery that changes my perceptions…(Read More)

Twelfth Night


“The Twelfth Night should remind us that there’s joy in giving, just as surely as we are reminded of the gifts of the wise men tomorrow as we celebrate…(Read More)

“My father’s words come to mind. If something is worth doing, it is worth doing right. If a resolution is worth making, it is worth making today.  Why wait until New Year’s? Or Lent, for that matter. Begin again again. Today is the day of salvation…(Read More)

A New Start


“We have a better chance of being disciplined and succeeding if we are doing it to stay healthy and balanced for our God and the mission of the Kingdom on earth. And for living our lives more intentionally as Jesus taught us in Scripture…(Read More)

Continuing Christmas


“I think I need Christmas to remind me that all year, even without beautiful colored lights and smells of evergreens, there is still a bit of Christmas inside, like the coals of a banked fire just waiting to be fanned into life again…(Read More)

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