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“We have to take off the clothing we have come in with – our attitudes, values and assumptions about the world and about God – so that we can put on that which allows us to celebrate the mind-boggling, boundless love and belonging that are God’s true kingdom…(Read More)

“Even into the depths within ourselves, God still presses upon us, behind and before, below and above, and calls us out of ourselves, out of the toxic individualism that leaves us afraid, instead calling us into community with God, and with each other…(Read More)

“Jesus is not only vandalizing, yes, vandalizing the Temple court, and bringing himself to the attention of the Temple authorities as his time draws near, but making it quite clear that he, as Christ/Messiah, is a new way, one that doesn’t require doves and lambs to be killed on God’s altar. He…(Read More)

“The message is that Jesus can be fully alive to the marginalized and not be diminished for those who were in the in-group to start with. Healing and blessing are not zero-sum games. There’s plenty for everybody. So, if somebody else gets a blessing, you can still have yours…(Read More)

“All we need are 1 million Joys at the doors of our churches and the fences and gates of our borders rather than 1 million AK-47s pointed across that short space between us and the rest of the world…(Read More)

“For all that the narrative of Peter and Paul can be one of battling it out for the soul of the early church, from the passages appointed for their shared feast, it is clear that they agreed on at least three things: the message of Jesus was important enough to spend (and risk) their lives…(Read More)

“This is normal along the Way. Normal for a community that is bound only by the chance encounter that we’re all walking towards Santiago. This is normal. This is hospitality. This is grace…(Read More)

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