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“The reading in Matthew is the parable of the sheep and the goats.  It summarizes Jesus’ ethical teachings regarding the care for the poor, hungry, victimized. Observing these commandments, or not, is the cut which separates this mixed flock…(Read More)

Making Decisions


“There have been times in my life when I have been or felt pulled to do one thing or another, some of which turned out to be excellent things and some of them which turned out to be disasters…(Read More)

“Ritual actions such as lighting candles, processing with the cross, bowing, kneeling, crossing oneself, receiving the ashes, and taking communion are all ways to make a physical connection with the deep and vast mysteries of God…(Read More)

“John points out this man, Jesus, who is not much to look at, but who has a strange draw.  What does he look like? Who is with him? What do you hear, smell and taste? Here is the Lamb of God…(Read More)

Praising God


“Psalm 148 is one of my favorites and is one that both begins and ends with the word “Hallelujah!” with an exclamation point. It’s meant to be emphasized and to be shouted joyfully, not mumbled or glossed over…(Read More)

Practicing Piety


“When we come to Ash Wednesday, we have ashes on our foreheads; then we come to the annual problem: what to do for the rest of the day. Jesus told us to beware of practicing our piety before others…(Read More)

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