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“On Mother’s Day, I will be thinking of the Virgin Mary, and her cousin Elizabeth… I also give thanks for Eve, for Sarah, Rebecca, Leah, Rachel, Tamar, and all the other mothers who, without a lot of fanfare, gave birth to children and became important figures in the history of their people…(Read More)

“I wondered about the small acts of courage it took for him to stand in opposition to his father and his best friend. Those acts pulled him from one to the other throughout most of his life. Yet, he seems to have stayed true to himself, even as he was swayed from one to the…(Read More)

“Early death is senseless, or at least not part of the plan. We were lovingly created to live, not to die. Early death is an extension of the curse (whatever that may mean to you). The shroud across humanity…(Read More)

“Whether walking our dog and greeting others out for walks or runs, or sitting in our front yard waving to passing cars, the spring allows us to come reunite with those we find in our communities. These warm days are teaching my children once again the beauty of a wave and simple hello…(Read More)



“So if we are to use the Marie Kondo criteria, we would have to throw out probably most of the Old Testament or a good chunk of the Old Testament and a good bit of the epistles to get it down to 30 books…(Read More)

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