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I pray for the people whose lives will be impacted by storms and tempests caused by the climate change that we refuse to acknowledge and try to correct. I pray for all victims of both natural and human-made circumstances. “Most of all, I pray that those of us who reside in relative safety have…(Read More)

“Given this experience, I think it is very valuable to go back and re-read the actual text from time-to-time and not just rely on my memories of the stories of the Bible, especially since I’ve seen how my own inner-storyteller is willing to edit, adapt, and transform the narratives without…(Read More)

Humility and Peace


“Humility – an openness to what is really going on in our souls and the willingness to lay it all at God’s feet – is world-changing.  God grant that we can find the ways to give ourselves up again and again to the work that leads to such wisdom…(Read More)

Arise and shine


It wasn’t until I was in the ordination process and repeating it week after week that I finally and suddenly recognized my mother’s familiar, “Rise and shine!” as the Canticle for Morning Prayer on a Wednesday, coined not by a working woman but by the prophet, Isaiah, whose oracle has ever since elevated…(Read More)

“Isaiah 53, especially verses 4-10, lays bare the prophecy of the Suffering Servant who dies for our sins, who is an innocent to be led like a lamb to the slaughter and in silence. It is from this that commentators have dubbed Jesus’ silence as the Majestic Silence, the fulfillment of prophecy and proof…(Read More)

“The wind is not always a gentle thing, particularly in cases of natural disasters like cyclones, hurricanes, typhoons, and the like. Neither is the Spirit always a soft, guiding and sustaining image that we often consider…(Read More)

Staying Awake


“In our Gospel reading today, Jesus asked the disciples to stay awake while he prayed in the garden at Gethsemane…and of course, we all know how that played out.  They couldn’t manage it…and when they woke up, it was too late. They had missed their opportunity to be with Jesus, unbothered, one…(Read More)

Let Light Shine


“The light of Christ is love.  As we move into love we move into God.  As you go out into the world today, remember to listen to where you are drawn through your compassion.  Let Jesus Christ be alive within you, shining from your heart into the dark places of the world…(Read More)

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