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The gift of showing up week after week not because a certain service or styles meets our needs, but that it provides for our neighbors and gives thanks to God…(Read More)

Trinity Sunday is the most dangerous Sunday of the year! How can a day be dangerous? Well, maybe it’s not the day itself. But, danger lurks there on the edges…(Read More)

Just Two Cents Worth


A lot of people do not vote or contact their elected representatives to express their concerns and their desires because they think their two cents isn’t going to make any difference…(Read More)

Being Barnabas


Barnabas seems to be that friend, or co-worker, that we all want to have. It’s clear why the apostles called him ‘Son of Encouragement…(Read More)

What DO We Know?


Amid the tongues of dancing illumination, things got clear. Christ’s followers suddenly knew what they were trying to say, and they said it. They were so full of the telling that they seemed drunk. They spoke right to the hearts of their listeners…(Read More)

This week I will be thinking about true martyrs — people that honestly suffered and quite often died for something they believed in that was greater than themselves…(Read More)

There is no one right way to go through life, but letting other’s define if we are ‘real’ enough is surely one of the wrongs we can do to ourselves…(Read More)

All of us, no matter our religion or race or cultural heritage, can share blood. Blood types do not correspond to what we mistakenly think of as racial distinctions, for what we call race is only a set of variations that are skin deep…(Read More)

This is the gift of Christian community – bearing one another’s sins and offering forgiveness. I give thanks for those who have offered to hear my mistakes and failures, and yet, continue to love me unconditionally…(Read More)