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“One thing about the entire twelfth chapter of Luke is that it is transparent. Jesus says what he means without any of the twisted logic and challenges to understanding…(Read More)

Small Epiphanies


“Selfishly, I am not ready to die yet – not physically, not emotionally.  I can be a part of this world yet separate from it, but I cannot exist separately from you…(Read More)

“The road can’t keep me from having an accident or doing something ill-advised, but it will not vanish from underneath me just because my headlights are no longer on it…(Read More)

No Need to Rush


“I am convinced that God cares far less about any particular position I hold than she does about the way I engage the people around me…(Read More)



“My almost 4-year-old has fierce emotions. It comes with the age and all the feelings that are welling up in her. It comes with not being able to adequately express what she’s feeling and what she wants. Like many young children she can go from joyful to the-world-is-ending in…(Read More)

“Jesus was a rebel. That is that lens through which much modern theology has been based, especially the Liberation Theology that came out of Central America, and geo-political theology which situates the Gospels in their own time and society…(Read More)

“Between blindness and sight, that is between the two stories, we have Jesus teaching his disciples about his mission and the kingdom which is coming. He tells the disciples to be like children, to be servants, to be last, to lose their lives…(Read More)

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