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The message that God gives us over and over and over again in the Bible to love your God, love your neighbor as yourself. How much simpler can it be…(Read More)



Each of us belongs so completely to God that all we have to do to find God is turn our attention there.  Every moment is replete with the Beloved. God, God’s self will teach us how best to be in communion with God, how God wants us to pray.  For each of us it…(Read More)

Why can’t we admit: all of these things make us sick? The vivid constellation of our violence, crippling imbalance, dominance we carve out and serve. Here, let me make it clear: we can choose to do better. We can choose to do better starting today…(Read More)

Part of Jesus’s message that we should follow him is to allow the spirit of God to rest on us too. That is why whenever two or more of us get together the spirit of God is there with us. No sacrifice needed, no priest or bishop, and no temple either. Really, all that…(Read More)

A Little Child


Bless that little boy. I don’t know his name or really anything about him, but it seemed that Jesus was shining from him. There was a sense of peace, innocence, joy, and hope about him. I wish I could shield that little child from what he’s going to learn, as he grows older…(Read More)

The Leap


God holds our hearts in times of incubating beginnings like the earth holds seed in its dark embrace.  Who knows when and how understanding quickens?  We don’t see it until the stalks push up into the day…(Read More)

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