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The Listening God


“Like Job, we want to present our case to God as to why this really shouldn’t happen to us, and we wait for an answer that may or may not come – at least with a clarity we want and feel we deserve…(Read More)

Elevator Pitch


“Given that it is flawed humans that carry the faith from the time to Jesus to the ever-moving-present, it is something of a miracle that the message of Jesus still has power to speak to new generations…(Read More)



“The Lord sets the prisoners free; the Lord opens the eyes of the blind; the Lord lifts up those who are bowed down…(Read More)

“I believe it’s in the power of the song itself and the words proclaiming Jesus’ love that help my son relax into me every single time. But more than that I believe that it’s in the power of my holding him and declaring God’s love for him. It’s the power of…(Read More)

The Humanity of Heroes


“We love to build people up only to enjoy equally tearing them down when we discover a flaw in their dealings or their character.  Noah, Abraham, David, Paul, and countless others were put on pedestals and then seemingly knocked down…(Read More)

Tag Team


“The story of these two gentle evangelists reminds us that the work of God doesn’t necessarily all happen in our lifetime.  We don’t always get to live to see the results…(Read More)

John McCain


“As [Jesus] teaches in the temple, people are recognizing him as something special – guessing that he might be the Messiah. This is very threatening to those in power.  Not only does it challenge their authority, it forces them to look at who they are, what choices they have made to get where they are,…(Read More)

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