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“Like all those wacky, loveable sinners in the Bible, we are also confused and hurt and looking for a way out of the mechanized violence of the world and into the light of Christ’s Kingdom…(Read More)

“I could take my place back in the town, and begin again to build my life, this time full of gratitude to God for the man Jesus and the miraculous healing…(Read More)

Ascension Day


“We are truly immortal beings, wed in our very essence to the living God, who is love. And so it is only through loving – constantly, extravagantly, and unexpectedly – that we express our true natures…(Read More)

“Love one another as I have loved you,” he said. So, I am left to wonder how I might be a friend to the one who has betrayed me, how will I love even her? So far, I am not doing too well, but I am trying…(Read More)



“It’s about experiencing through living, making mistakes, enjoying successes, and most of all knowing what to take from both successes and failures to make us better at what we’re trying to do…(Read More)

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