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“But the very demons who drive you have another side. They alone can peer into the depths. The wounds that we breathe into – that we really allow to have their say – will guide us beyond social conventions and constraints to power a profound, authentic creativity and spiritual understanding…(Read More)

Certainly, I covet sleep. But I am beginning to find that I cannot begrudge these stolen moments of silent prayer, just Jesus and me, in the desert of the night…(Read More)

“She runs down the hallway and bursts into rooms. Her younger brother always trailing behind her happy to be by her side. They make up their own rules running back and forth and counting to ten every few minutes…(Read More)

“It isn’t until the woman has washed his feet with her tears and dried them with her hair that Jesus speaks up about his host’s neglect, and then only after the woman had been disgraced by her so-called betters. Suddenly both Jesus, the dishonored dinner guest, and the woman, the dishonored sinner…(Read More)

“God must have had a good time creating birds and their different songs, and, come to think of it, dolphins and whales with their own songs, so different from those of the birds. Each animal and bird has its particular sound or song.  It is kind of amusing to think of God, especially the stern…(Read More)

“Weekly worship and intentional quiet time can both provide a meaningful pause in the rushing about that everyday life can encourage. Those pauses can give me space to be intentional about how I am choosing to spend my time doing and if those choices are sustainable…(Read More)

“In this season of letting go and holding on, remember the love of God. The God who formed you and counts the hairs on your head, the God who dwells in you, whose Spirit gives you strength and courage. The God who calls you a beloved child…(Read More)

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