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“Despite Michel’s love for David, there is no indication from either the text or the tradition that David loved her…(Read More)

Gathered In


“He was, with God’s encouragement, giving up his primary role and was seeing something he had been involved with for most of his adult life moving on without him…(Read More)

Speaking of God


“How I yearned for wise men and women who were willing to talk about their faith with friends and neighbors.  Where were the folks who were mature in their relationship with God and willing to own that their daily prayer life was the deep nourishment of their lives…(Read More)

“Because identity is so critical for our lives—because it gives us the power to “do what needs to be done,” people grasp at a false sense of belonging, grasping for a sense of identity that empowers them and makes them feel safe. People go to “race” and nation in their quest for identity…(Read More)

“I claim that what Jesus taught was not political, although it clearly crossed the political lines of the day, as it does today. He was focused on a life of faith, of obedience, of love…(Read More)



The anonymous writer says that the kind of mocking we read about today is the one in which the mocker… “mocks others because he despises them for not having succeeded as he did in the acquisition of wealth and honor. He despises the poor, not in that he imputes any imprecations to them, but in…(Read More)

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