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We have seen great strides in Ecumenical reconciliation. More and more bits and pieces are recognizing each other’s sacramental theology and liturgical forms. More important, we are standing together for human rights, for the protection of the Earth, and against injustice toward people of other beliefs or customs…(Read More)

…the kind of fishing that the disciples did was usually done at night or in the early hours of the morning when most people were sleeping. That’s a mysterious time when spirits might be about and the boundary between sleeping and wakefulness is thin…(Read More)

I go back to John and consider the part about the people who keep God’s word will never see death. Margaret was fervent in prayer, constant in reading the Bible, faithful in attendance at Sunday school and church, and a practitioner of what she heard and understood from the Bible. And yet she died…(Read More)

God calling


God is calling all of us as God’s beloved children to bear witness to God’s beauty out into a world that desperately needs it. Do we dare answer, “Here am I, LORD, Your servant is listening…(Read More)

In the meantime, you and I will encounter a lot of things we don’t understand. There will be miracles which challenge our scientific world views, and statements that leave us aghast that Jesus would say such a thing…(Read More)

Epiphany Fireflies


After years of my childhood church teaching me that I was a miserable sinner and that God hated sinners, I suddenly believed God still loved me, a concept I found extremely hard to understand, but in that one instant I knew and believed it…(Read More)

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