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“In short, I realized that I could also kneel in an attitude of playfulness and joy. The action of kneeling did not have to be solely one of penitence and sorrow, it could also be full an act of that deep joy and awe that can cause me to cry tears of happiness…(Read More)

“This is a common thread through the Gospels: no one can serve two masters, so we need to figure out who and what is most important to us.  We need to count up the cost of discipleship and either commit all the way or do something else with our lives…(Read More)

At the centre


When the night sky, or an unfamiliar crowd, stretch out so as to make me shrink with smallness by their magnitude I find God still, distilled into a still, small voice in the centre of my senses…(Read More)

“I realized that the furious energy I put into sewing on that day was an outlet for the stress and worry. It was a powerful realization that I could take the fizzing, negative energy of worry, stress, and anxiety and turn it into something positive and useful (pants, in my case…(Read More)



“The world has many sacred places: Stonehenge, Iona, Mecca, the Ganges River, Jerusalem, Bethlehem, and many other places around the world where people gather to worship and to touch the spirituality of the site.  The important thing is that God is greater than any thing or any place, and can be worshiped either by our…(Read More)

“Louise de Marillac’s life story really wasn’t very different than our stories might be now. She put a dream aside, and by all accounts, lived a satisfying, challenging, and busy life. Yet when her husband died, mere chance re-awakened her to that old dream, and the Holy Spirit created new life out…(Read More)

“The incarnation of God, God’s self, he helps us to see beyond the limits of human understanding even when we cannot bear to think of hope and love.  He points us to the next thing we are called to do – and then the next after that – all the while showing us that he…(Read More)

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