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See, the dirt has meaning too. The first people were made of it, God entered into it, and things grow out of it. It is a hiding place for the soul and a place of transformation…(Read More)

Yes, No, or But


“Let your word be ‘Yes, yes,’ or ‘No, no.’ ” I find it very interesting that it is an instruction to be definite in one’s answer. Since this was a lesson from Jesus, it makes it even more interesting…(Read More)

“I think that God hopes I will make good decisions with my life, but in order for it to be my life, God can’t step in and ‘save me’ from myself or from just plain bad luck…(Read More)

My Theology


“This common essence in three persons is a dance of relationship in which abundant, astounding creativity spins out at every turn, unlimited, unbounded, and yet welcoming in every way to us little finite beings…(Read More)

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