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“Nobody ever said the Way was easy or risk free. And nobody ever said that Jesus’ words were easy to understand without prayer and spirit driven discernment…(Read More)

“The purpose of the Psalm was to glorify God. It does that very clearly and very poetically. It reminds us of all that God has done and all that has benefited us throughout the millennia…(Read More)

“…his Gospel is the one that introduces us to Elizabeth and Zechariah, gives us the Magnificat and the Bethlehem birth narrative, and shares the prophesies of Simeon and Anna…(Read More)

Blur and Wonder


“The wonder expressed in both Job 38 and Psalm 104 startles with its earnest humility and awe, especially when heard now, in our modern era of species extinction and climate change. These verses call us to re-awaken to ourselves and our interdependence upon the myriad forms of life that share this planet, and a…(Read More)

Wisdom Cries


“I realized how frequently I stare wisdom in the face and often don’t even realize it. So, today, with fewer words, let me share some images of wisdom…(Read More)

When a Woman Speaks


“I wonder who selected which readings to go with which times of which days. The texts are always timely, but sometimes they are like a baseball bat between the eyes…(Read More)

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