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A Good Death


“Each of these sins – loss of faith, loss of hope, loss of patience, loss of humility (pride), and loss of serenity (avarice) – are pitfalls in our living, as well as our dying…(Read More)



“Justice on our own terms isn’t justice at all, it’s just revenge. Justice has it’s beginning and its ending in the bread of love…(Read More)

Living Water


“The discipline of prayer will not seem to meet the yearning of the heart in the same way that falling in love seems to.  But over time the one praying will learn that it is the more true, more satisfying answer…(Read More)

“But sometimes, perhaps, we need to have a reason to slow down. To not do all the things. But rather to do one thing. To focus. To pay attention. To turn ourselves to one thing at a time…(Read More)

Absalom the Just


“Revenge is not justice. If Absalom had eaten of the bread of love, there might have been some justice for Tamar. But, he ate of the bread of fear and of violence…(Read More)

“They didn’t have Jesus to go to in the flesh as the disciples did, but yet Francis and Claire both seem to catch on to Jesus’s message far more easily. With them, it was a partnership with God, a meeting of the minds, the joining of the hearts, and a gift to all…(Read More)

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