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“It’s about showing up to the day eager to see what’s in store. Advent is about patiently waiting for God to burst into our lives over and over again…(Read More)



“Prophecy is not a puzzle for us to figure out, it’s a poem that may lodge in our hearts and inspire something that we might not have imagined if it were all laid out for us. It’s a little riskier to read prophecy this way because it means that we won’t walk…(Read More)

Using Darkness


“This week may we all walk towards the light. May we all seek to be a light to others who may be walking in their own form of darkness…(Read More)

Ambrose of Milan


“Ambrose simply showed up hoping to prevent a riot. When he arrived, to his surprise the crowd started yelling ‘Ambrose, bishop…(Read More)

I did feel better after my encounter with the leaf collectors. The physical exercise no doubt helped, and the fresh air, but also it reminded me that it is almost impossible to calculate or to know what the smallest notice, the most minor kindness, done deliberately and without ceremony, can do to lift the spirits…(Read More)

“And we begin again.  Year One for Daily Office, Eucharistic Lectionary C. And the external and internal fight between our reality and the secular world’s reality. Out there it is already Christmas, and two weeks before the Nativity of our Lord, they think they are counting the Twelve Days of Christmas…(Read More)

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