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“There are big things we can talk about, like the migrant crises on the southern border of the USA. But, we already know what is required: Don’t wrong them, love them, show them hospitality. It’s in the Bible. Interestingly, the Bible is silent on the subject of secure borders but it has a…(Read More)

“The book of Acts reports instead that the Ethiopian remarked that there was some water and asked what prevented him from being baptized.  That made me wonder about whether or not Philip had required a profession of faith, and what is sufficient for us to be baptized now…(Read More)

Hey, Macrena!


“Macrena loved learning (from accounts, she was a person with a fairly extensive knowledge of the Bible), and she figured out pretty quickly that a wife’s life in those days didn’t leave much time for that.  Instead, she announced her decision to consider herself eternally betrothed to Christ, and embarked on a life…(Read More)

“One of the most ancient ways of naming the meandering and challenging journey with each other and our Shepherd is conversion, and our nervous avoidance of the term may create more stumbling blocks and unattractiveness than the cost of the shock value…(Read More)

“When he raises her up, he is giving her life, the same life breathed into all Creation. When she rises and serves them, this is more than the current understanding of the diaconal role. She is acting in the priestly role of taking the elements of the world and offering them in gratitude back to…(Read More)

Road Trip!


“They were expecting Jesus to pause and say, “Finally, a good Jew came by…” or, “Finally, a lawyer came by…” That would have held up a mirror of recognition to his listeners. They would have thought. “Oh, I’m a good Jew… I would have stopped to help the man too!” But, that is not…(Read More)

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