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“I’ve been paying attention since first stepping foot into the chapel. The building itself and the peace call me into its presence…(Read More)

The Dinner Party


“Jesus is teasing, teaching the lessons of the Torah, to welcome the stranger, to feed the poor, be merciful to the disenfranchised, those who sit at the end of the table, if they are invited at all…(Read More)

“We have Pharisees among us, people who watch us to see where we have faults and where we don’t follow the law according to their interpretations of it. We also have a model that we are urged to emulate, the man Jesus, who preached love and compassion rather than legalism and often shallow piety…(Read More)

Rising Waters


“If we can let go of fear, anxiety, and the illusion of control, even when the waters are up to our neck, we can begin to perceive the true current that meanders its way through any flood–the current of the waters of our baptism…(Read More)

“One thing about the entire twelfth chapter of Luke is that it is transparent. Jesus says what he means without any of the twisted logic and challenges to understanding…(Read More)

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