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Addressing white supremacy at church

Here’s one practical proposal. Pull together a group to write a more honest church history that begins with this simple question: Why is our church physically located where it is? Why is it in this part of our community and not another one? In nearly all cases this question will quickly lead to issues of racially segregated neighborhoods, white flight from cities to suburbs and land grabs from Native Americans, to name just a few.

Denver church wants to offer parking for the homeless

St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church in Denver wants to use its parking lot for overnight parking for the homeless sleeping in cars. The Uptown on the Hill neighborhood organization endorsed the plans for the safe parking site in August, and a good neighbor agreement will need to be completed before a site could open.

Female bishops a salvation issue for ACNA diocese

In an effort to strengthen and not to whither (sic) our bonds of affection, we also wish to record our strong objection to the recent consecrations of women in provinces of the Global Anglican Future Conference and to the classification of the action as a “secondary issue.” … Issues that touch upon the salvation of souls are always primary issues…. – ACNA’s Diocese of Fort Worth

National Cathedral Chooses Kerry James Marshall to Design New Stained Glass

From the NY Times: Four years after removing stained-glass windows honoring two Confederate generals, Washington National Cathedral officials said Wednesday they had chosen an acclaimed Black artist, Kerry James Marshall, to design their replacements. The artist visited the cathedral for the first time on Wednesday after being given the task of healing a small wound …

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