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Some dioceses reevaluate Covid precautions following CDC guidance on Delta variant

These changes in CDC recommendations, and in mine to you, are the result of what we are learning about the Delta variant of the virus, which is clearly more transmissible than previous variants.  There is also evidence that vaccinated people can contract and spread the Delta variant, whether they have symptoms or not.  Wearing masks protects the wearer as it protects others. It is important that we live our faith in concrete action by wearing masks.  It is a small sacrifice for the sake of life. – Bishop Goff, Diocese of Virginia

Denominations create prayers for mass shooting victims

The prayer is among a new generation of spiritual tools specifically designed for the horror of mass shootings. Written by an Episcopal priest for the bishops, it was constructed with the cruel assumption of its growth, with additional shootings that result in more than four deaths continually added at the end. The litany now takes more than 12 minutes to pray.

Episcopal nun with 48,000 TikTok followers

An Episcopal nun, Claudette Monica Powell or Sister Monica, is Sister Superior at her convent in New Jersey, Community of St. John Baptist. At age 55, she also has over 48,000 followers on TikTok. Her video on skincare has received over 277,000 views.

Black Episcopalians welcome all to four-day virtual revival

“This virtual revival will lift up Jesus and invite us to renew our commitment to establishing God’s Beloved Community,” Coleman said. “We welcome all people, especially Episcopalians, regardless of race or ethnicity, to join us in engaging the continuing realities of racism and racial injustice today while experiencing the vibrant spirituality that has enabled Black people to persevere and thrive against the odds.”

NYT columnist: The Christian right is in decline

“It’s hard to overstate the strength of this feeling, among white evangelicals in particular, of America being a white Christian country,” said Jones. “This sense of ownership of America just runs so deep in white evangelical circles.” The feeling that it’s slipping away has created an atmosphere of rage, resentment and paranoia.