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Betsy and Greg along with guests Jon White (Managing Editor of Episcopal Cafe, and Tripp Fuller (Host of Homebrewed Christianity) talk about podcasting and how this medium opens up avenues for creative storytelling in the life of the Church…(Read More)

Another episode from the archives of our new partner, the Priest Pulse podcast. his episode features Kyle Oliver, Digital Missioner for the Virginia Theological Seminary and former host of the Easter People podcast, as he talks with host Benjamin Gildas about the future of formation and proclamation…(Read More)

The Cafe is pleased to introduce our new partnership with ‘Priest Pulse.’ Priest Pulse is a podcast that believes the Church is alive, and they’re keeping their finger on the pulse. Priest Pulse is hosted by Father Benjamin Gildas and Fr. Colin Chapman and looks at relevant issues in the Episcopal Church and around…(Read More)

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