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2FAB Special Episode


In this special episode, Jordan gives a special preview reading of her new book; The Ultimate Quest: a Geek’s Guide to the (Episcopal) Church…(Read More)

It’s Jon and Charles on their own this month talking asking what makes a place holy, our penchant for attaching holiness to things and the perennial struggle to decide how best to let the holy things go at their end of life…(Read More)

2FAB #30: Book of Joshua


Luci and Jordan plow through Joshua (“a right strawy book of the Bible”) looking at the entry of the Israelites into the promised land…(Read More)

Ann, Betsy, Greg, and Liz talk about the intersection between the work of film critics and the work of the Church. What can we learn from those who critique culture professionally…(Read More)

2 FAB #27: Numbers 26 & 27


Luci and Jordan continue their feminist journey through the Bible with Jordan’s favorite story in Numbers (her favorite way to get poked in the eye?), the daughters of Zelophehad…(Read More)

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