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2FAB #65: Psalm 1-41


Luci and Jordan start on the collection of poems at the heart of the Hebrew scriptures. Click this link to listen…(Read More)

In this episode, the Popping Collars crew examines the oeuvre Stephen King, master of American horror whose mind has been the wellspring of the nightmares of millions…(Read More)

2 FAB #64: Job 38-42


Job’s friends had their chance to speak (mostly hot air) but now Job gets to hear from God directly…(Read More)

While we wait for season 3, here’s a Priest Pulse “classic” where we share stories of experiment and risk in evangelism, mission, and new ministry collected at GC2015…(Read More)

2FAB #63: Job 1-32


Luci & Jordan are really excited to dig into Job and this book’s extended dialogue on the nature of God and God’s relationship with humanity…(Read More)

Greg welcomes special guests Stephen McHale, Richard Burden, and Dan Joslyn-Siemiatkoski to the podcast to explore the sci-fi series BATTLESTAR GALACTICA. Why do stories of searching in the wilderness speak to our souls…(Read More)

From All Points: Clergy Spouses


A lot of expectations and assumptions are laid on the husbands and wives of clergy. How does that shape their spirituality and their lives? Why do old expectations survive and are new one evolving…(Read More)

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