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2FAB #60: Ezra


It’s Luci and Jordan with Ezra as he returns with the Law to Jerusalem after the Exile…(Read More)

2FAB #69: 2Chronicles


Jordan and Luci finally finishing discussing and re-discussing everything that when wrong in Judah and Israel…(Read More)

Betsy, Greg, and Liz welcome special guest Stephen McHale to talk about the legacy of the 1990s. How do the events and pop culture of that decade influence our views of diversity and discipleship today? &nbsp…(Read More)

2FAB: 2Kings: 12-25


Evil? Not Evil? This week, it’s the annals of the kings leading up to destruction of the kingdoms…(Read More)

In this episode; smart phones and how they affect our spiritual lives. What are the benefits and what are the challenges of having these devices constantly at arms length…(Read More)

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