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My initial thought is that it truly axiomatic that you can never be prepared for a situation like this. Crises, by definition, are almost always unexpected. But it wasn’t so much the fact that the situation was a crisis; it was instead the extraordinary and unexpected level of pain and fear that came with…(Read More)

Faith and a Flashlight


by Linda Ryan I have a small book of quotations I’ve come across at various times and on various topics. It was inspired by Jan Karon’s Patches of Godlight: Father Tim’s Favorite Quotes which gave me the idea to begin my own favorite quotes book. I used one of those little black…(Read More)

by George Werner I come from another century. I started seminary 55 years ago and have had a broad, deep and unusual journey through our Church. These reflections are mine alone and in no way represent the Church Pension Fund or my wonderful successors, Bonnie & Gay, as President of the House of Deputies. These…(Read More)

Where is Jesus


by George Clifford In the recent dispute between eight faculty members and the administration at General Theological Seminary (GTS), where is Jesus? In asking that question, I intentionally echo the desire of a group of first century Greeks who approached the disciple Philip saying, “We wish to see Jesus.” That desire encapsulates the hope that…(Read More)

By Bonnie Anderson & Dan Webster No spoiler alert. Nothing in this commentary will ruin this film for you. Just go see it. Luckily, Gillian Flynn, author of the bestselling book, “Gone Girl,” also wrote the screenplay for the film. It’s a good thing, too, because the story is complicated, intricate, surprising and could have…(Read More)

by Linda Ryan There are always topics that tend to garner a lot of public opinion, one of the latest being the issue of church and state and how much control each of these two entities should have with regard to the other. A recent article in the Washington Post by In an article on…(Read More)

by Anne O. Weatherholt She is sitting near you or singing in the choir, possibly in the pew or chair in front of or behind you. He is sitting across the aisle or maybe serving as an usher. She is economically well off or perhaps she earns an average income. Maybe this is you. He…(Read More)

by Jesse Zink On June 6, 1952, the trustees of the University of the South considered a report urging them to admit black students. By a vote of 45-12, they declined. On June 9, the dean of the School of Theology, Francis Craighill Brown, and seven other faculty members sent a letter to the…(Read More)

by Andrew Gerns On Friday, the follow up letter from the faculty to the students describing in more detail what it going on, there is still some question as to what is going on. The conflict has nothing to do with pay, hours, job description, benefits, or perks. There is none of the traditional pocket…(Read More)

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