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What I Can Say

To paint is a mysterious and individual act which could almost be self-sufficient due to the intimacy of the approach: painting is so personal and sensitive that no words can tell or explain a piece of work. Thus, it is difficult to speak about it, to expose it, to promote it…

What I can say—and what I have observed in the process of painting—is that once finished, a picture becomes autonomous, and then belongs as much to the spectator as to […]

Life’s Mutability

These fragile leaves, twigs, old letters, prescriptions, Bible pages and calendar sections speak of life’s mutability and preciousness. I stitch their vanishing beauty onto layers of salvaged and handmade papers in an effort to hold on to that which is essentially departing. Yet, I needn’t fear all the change and brokenness surrounding me, for God’s Spirit is always there in its midst. And, His word reminds me of His enduring love.

Image above (and on front-page mastheads): Book of Job […]


Brown Sweater

I wear you this morning

another skin as I did

almost every day in college

now in my seventh decade reclaiming

the threadbare inner self

no one can see through you

the perfect cover for the color blind

you are an obscure bird flying south

your shape distinctively unrecognizable

your arms extend into what

the less imaginative might call

a cross or the hint of a falling man

flutter caught

by a hemlock hedge

Image above (and on front-page mastheads): Untitled, 556 Series #1 by Anthony Anchundo

Words above: Brown Sweater by Ken Arnold

The Ancient Voice

I heard the ancient voice say, you are no stranger to me, for I knew you when you took your first breath. I knew you as a child, when you wobble walked across the floor, and finally ran for the sheer joy of knowing how to run. I saw you through your early fears and kept you close in your sorrows. I grew with you, from year to year, by your side in triumph and loss, learning what you learned, […]

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