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“If our existence is simplified to the finite time spent communicating and coupling with others on our tiny rock shooting around the sun, then we are compelled to have some sort of lasting impact on our culture in order to be remembered, and thus, live on. On the other hand, our relationship with God promises an everlasting afterlife in heaven. There is no need to be remembered ‘as it were’ with the ability to reconnect with others for an eternity. Of course, this is only allowed if a person has lived well enough to pass through the pearly gates in the first place… The alternative being hell. Therefore, we all should endeavor to live well enough to reconnect in our heavenly afterlife. A coupling with the Devil is discouraged, to say the least.”

Five Poems from Said to Godhead Poems

“I Said to Godhead:

The first rule of radio is that dead air freaks people out, makes them change the station. When there should be sound, and is none, is uncomfortable. Are you even listening to me? You can almost hear people straining their ears to hear you, to catch one note echoing back in reply to a prayer, a plea, a please. Do you even have a sound, a vibration? Pure silence is impossible to hear because our ears make a faint noise when listening—it is our eardrums humming a bit. Do I sound crazy because it’s the truth? It’s true—we can’t hear silence because our own bodies are so loud, our biology reminding us we’re not rotting, not yet. You must know that our ear drums continue to vibrate for a while after we’re dead. Is that you, finally?”

The Clamoring

“At a pause from daily life
          When all grows quiet and still
When you have brought yourself to a peaceful pause in the seeming doldrums of this life
          And beginning to see things as they truly are
There comes a clamoring…”

The Daily Sip: Final on Schouten Paintings Series

“In ‘Sartori’ the monk of this painting reminds us that we are all monks and nuns – we all have an inner life we are shepherding and a creative expression waiting ready inside us like a Border Collie waiting to move sheep – trembling, ready. And of course, in Buddhism, nuns and monks both shave their heads – so we do not know the sex of this monk. Like so many icons, he or she is ‘we’ – all of us.” 

A Wonderful Gift

Not just a definite sign of spring but a wonderful gift at this Easter season. Wearing the color of a brilliant golden sun and always somehow promising… Image above (and on front-page mastheads): Forsythia by Paul Jeffrey Poling of BigDog Photography. Words above by Paul Jeffrey Poling.

One Day Of A Life

Maybe any one day of a life, even the most humdrum, has in it something of the mystery of that life as a whole. (Read more here.) Image above (and on front-page mastheads): Electronic iPad image created by Rev. Dr. Marty Carney from his oil painting after the 1950 woodcut by Fritz Eichenberg, “Christ of …

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