Canada stands firm


Randall Palmer of Reuters writes:

OTTAWA (Reuters) – There seems little chance that all Canadian Anglican clergy will honor the moratorium on blessing same-sex unions requested by the worldwide Anglican communion.

Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams, leader of the global Anglican church, warned on Sunday that the 80-million-member church would be “in grave peril” if the U.S. and Canadian branches did not agree to moratoriums on same-sex blessings and on the ordination of gay bishops.

But the head of the Canadian church, Archbishop Fred Hiltz, told Reuters in a phone interview on Wednesday it would be especially tough for Bishop Michael Ingham of the British Columbia diocese of New Westminster to halt the homosexual blessings altogether.

Hiltz pointed out that the decision-making synods of four more Canadian dioceses have in the past year asked their bishops to authorize same-sex blessings.

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3 Responses to "Canada stands firm"
  1. Anglican Freedom

    I make one more try to get through, then I give up.

    The Anglican gift to Christendom is the capacity to live together in diversity. We must not give that up by creating a more authoritarian structure that will throttle our creative responses to the movements of the Holy Spirit, as the human race wrestles with the meanings of our sexuality and of every other aspect of our life.

    The Rev. Ron Pollard

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  2. This press article, unfortunately, perpetuates the erroneous idea that there is an 80 million member "global Anglican church" of which the Anglican Church of Canada and the Episcopal Church are mere "branches." I think our North American churches need to do a better job of communicating to the wider world the fact that there is an Anglican communion made up of autocephalous national churches in voluntary fellowship based on communion with the See of Canterbury and acceptance of the Chicago-Lambeth Quadrilateral... and, of course, we should be insisting that nothing more or less is needed.

    In any event, thanks be to God for Archbishop Hiltz's forthright statement of fact about how the Canadian church will have to respond to moratoria demands.

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