Bishops Against Gun Violence Conference Begins in Chicago


From Anglican Communion News Service

A conference has begun in Chicago, facilitated by a group of more than 60 Episcopal bishops working to curtail the epidemic of gun violence in the United States. “Unholy Trinity: the Intersection of Racism, Poverty and Gun Violence” is a three-day event grounded in scripture, liturgy and theology.

The conference will feature a “three-note” panel of African-American leaders offering perspectives on poverty, racism and gun violence and include Bible study focused on the conference themes as well as a prayerful procession to sites of gun violence on Chicago’s South Side.

Workshops at the conference are devoted to helping participants work with police, young people, legislators, the media, anti-violence advocacy groups and other constituencies to reduce gun violence.

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Bob Button
Bob Button

So glad to see this. Guns in the 21st century are like cigarettes were in the 20th century. Society catered to smokers - we just had to have our cigarettes - it was cool to smoke. Now we know cigarettes are nasty, unhealthy, deadly. I pray we come to the same conclusion regarding guns.

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