AWE Pilots the First Indaba For Women


Anglican Women’s Empower will pilots the first Indaba for women just ahead of the United Nation’s Commission on the Status of Women meeting in New York in 2013.

In partnership with Continuing Indaba of the Anglican Communion, AWE will pilot the first women’s Indaba process in the Anglican Communion and United States. Indaba is a Zulu word for a purposeful discussion around matters that concern the whole community.

But it is much, much more than that.

Indaba creates sacred space where all voices are heard equally. Relationships are vital. With everyone contributing, the group can come to a much deeper understanding of the issues at stake and in doing so, find their common story in ways that allow for transformation; transformation of ourselves, of our work, of our cultures.

Our partnership with the Continuing Indaba group came about through a chance meeting between AWE’s Executive Director Kim Robey and the Rev. Paula Nesbitt, consultant for Continuing Indaba, while attending General Convention this past July. In sharing about their work with women in the Anglican Communion, Paula spoke about a woman from Tanzania, who strongly voiced her desire to share her deepest beliefs among other women. This resonated with Kim’s experiences as well. Thus began the concept of developing a “Women’s Indaba” conversation. The partnership between AWE and Continuing Indaba evolved over the next few months. It is our mutual hope that an all women’s group might allow for deeper discussion of issues not possible in a mixed gender setting.

After 10 years of bringing AWE delegates to New York to attend the U.N. Commission on the Status of Women, this pilot Women’s Indaba Program provides AWE with an opportunity to deepen connections that already exist and to bring new women into the discussion. Training and the resulting facilitator/leadership roles will allow us to take our work with women around the Anglican Communion to another higher, more effective level.

The Indaba program will take place in a limited setting at the Episcopal Church Center the first weekend in March, 2013 immediately preceding the 2013 meeting of the United Nation’s Commission on the Status of Women. This year’s theme is the “Elimination and prevention of all forms of violence against women and girls”.

We hope that this pilot will open the door for the women of the Anglican Communion to find the great gift of deeper and more resonate relationships with each other and that in Christ we will find the transformation so needed by our world.

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