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we are nearing the end of the first fifth of the twenty-first century. And I think we can all admit we have hard choices to make too. Sometimes as we face those choices, we are akin to Judas…(Read More)

Why can’t we admit: all of these things make us sick? The vivid constellation of our violence, crippling imbalance, dominance we carve out and serve. Here, let me make it clear: we can choose to do better. We can choose to do better starting today…(Read More)

Our most important spiritual work is inviting in awareness and creating the silence and space in our lives that allows us to see a little more clearly…(Read More)

“We have to have more than textbooks. We need text-people” (Abraham Joshua Heschel). Both are necessary and nourishing. Both shape our beliefs and views of the world…(Read More)

Great News


…at those moments of connecting with nature, feeling a sense of communion with the “dirt clod” natural world around us, the ego sometimes falls away, and we get a taste of the freedom Paul experienced and Jesus exemplified…(Read More)

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