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“We need to listen to certain stories again and again, whether those from our religious traditions, from our cultural traditions (oral traditions or folk tales), or even from the corpus of Shakespeare or Toni Morrison or Star Wars, if preferred. We need to pick a tradition we admire, and then let it work through us…(Read More)

“Because identity is so critical for our lives—because it gives us the power to “do what needs to be done,” people grasp at a false sense of belonging, grasping for a sense of identity that empowers them and makes them feel safe. People go to “race” and nation in their quest for identity…(Read More)

“The fact is, the US has received barely a trickle of the world’s refugees and asylums seekers in past months, whereas our friends in other countries have put our so-called Christian nation to shame with hospitality and compassion, albeit imperfectly…(Read More)

“So if not a formerly demon-possessed, reformed prostitute, who was this woman who according to near unanimous New Testament tradition was at the cross, witness to Jesus’ burial, and the first witness to the resurrection…(Read More)

we are nearing the end of the first fifth of the twenty-first century. And I think we can all admit we have hard choices to make too. Sometimes as we face those choices, we are akin to Judas…(Read More)

Why can’t we admit: all of these things make us sick? The vivid constellation of our violence, crippling imbalance, dominance we carve out and serve. Here, let me make it clear: we can choose to do better. We can choose to do better starting today…(Read More)

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