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After everything they’ve been through, the disciples, quite understandably, are a bit confused about what Jesus is up to now. They seem to be looking for the stereotypical happy ending that we all hope will arrive to end our suffering. They are hoping this is the light at the end of a long, dark…(Read More)

Being Barnabas


Barnabas seems to be that friend, or co-worker, that we all want to have. It’s clear why the apostles called him ‘Son of Encouragement…(Read More)

How will you choose to observe Memorial Day today? Will you celebrate your liberties with shopping and barbecues? Will you visit the grave of someone who died serving our country? Will you remember by spending time with a survivor, witnessing to their time in combat and grieving with them over the loss of comrades and…(Read More)

It’s an important part of my routine each morning, as I prepare for the day to come, to select a cross to wear. And, yet, I’m pretty sure that when Jesus invites me to take up my cross daily, this isn’t quite what he means…(Read More)

Are you the Pharisee, the sinner, or one of the bystanders? Regardless of where I locate myself in this story on any given day, I find it to be a prompt to approach Christ, whether at the altar or in a neighbor, with great love. And to ask the question, ‘with whom am I eating…(Read More)

One of the more well known quotations from Julian of Norwich, this phrase is often offered as a word of comfort in challenging or stressful times, in times of uncertainty and instability. But, what does it really mean for all manner of thing to be well…(Read More)

The desire of each of us to be truly known to someone is not something I would previously have included on a list of basic human needs. But, getting to know individuals who are experiencing homelessness has seriously impacted my perspective…(Read More)

Jesus prays for us. I suppose it should not be surprising that this is how Jesus chose to spend his quickly dwindling time. And, yet, it is incredibly humbling to sit with this knowledge…(Read More)

I, perhaps, identify best with Schrödinger’s cat, simultaneously both arrived and not, until the box is opened. Until the stone is rolled away. Until the gates of hell are burst. How do you enter into the joy of the resurrection…(Read More)

“Open my lips, O Lord, and my mouth shall proclaim your praise.” These words strike a note to begin a fresh new day. They become a reminder, a way to approach challenging relationships, a lens through which to see day-to-day life…(Read More)