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Serving on an interim body is a way for Episcopalians across the church to participate in its governance. While the joint Standing “Committees are only open to bishops and deputies to the 79th General Convention, all other interim bodies are open to all members of the Episcopal Church. Appointments to standing commissions are generally for…(Read More)

In a pair of articles at RNS, the authors of “She Preached the Word: Women’s Ordination in Modern America” describe positive effects on the psychological well-being of women whose churches ordain women…(Read More)

Why pray?


“The trouble with being a god is that you’ve got no one to pray to.” Small Gods, Terry Pratchett   Does God need our prayers? It is foolishness to Greeks, with their ideal sufficiency. It is a stumbling block to our proud humility, and yet isn’t it the nature of Love to desire…(Read More)

Resolution B012, in its final language, aims to extend marriage equality to parts as yet unreached by offering alternative episcopal pastoral support to clergy and congregations whose bishops do not currently permit them to solemnize same-sex marriages. A statement from the Communion Partners of the Episcopal Church appears to turn the tables, stating that…(Read More)

General Convention is kicking into high gear as the Bishops and Deputies race the calendar to the finish line, with hundreds of resolutions and the budget still to be decided. Both Houses will work a third legislative session this evening…(Read More)

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