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This story has been edited for clarity. Episcopal Divinity School in Cambridge, MA recently decided to close its Cambridge campus and move in with Union Theological Seminary in New York City. But Cambridge Day reports that a plan presented to city council to purchase EDS property in order to provide affordable housing may be more…(Read More)

“In the name of Mary, Joseph and the Lord Jesus, aid all refugees today, for most of the refugees like the Holy Family themselves, are families, and most are children.” – PB Michael Curry…(Read More)

I have always been drawn to the water. The infinite possibilities of an empty horizon, and the wash of air surrounding my body with its humid embrace speak to me of prayer. It seemed right, and a good and joyful thing to go down to the lake before our summer music camp began, to swim…(Read More)

The Episcopal News Service reflects on the recent meeting of the Executive Council of the Episcopal Church, calling it “a historic meeting … marked by relaxed conviviality.” Set against the backdrop of Puerto Rico’s latest vote on statehood – a vote which, some say, is moot given that Congress is unlikely to approve such a…(Read More)

The New York Times reports on a research paper investigating the political opinions of religious leaders in the USA, and finds that America’s pastors – the men and women a majority of Americans look to for help in finding meaning and purpose in their lives – are even more politically divided than the rest of…(Read More)

Rather than try to imagine the heat, the hatred that could move someone to mass murder, I would rather try to wonder whether I would open my door to a stranger, or trust the offer of a ride to a hospital reunion, as normal social barriers and defences were blown away by this awful and…(Read More)

“The view he held and holds is that it is acceptable and permissible for a priest of one church of the Anglican Communion to exercise priestly ministry in the geographical jurisdiction of a second church of the Anglican Communion without the permission of the Ecclesiastical Authority of that second church…(Read More)