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The bishops declined to take a side on the political and legal issues that have prompted protest, instead urging “people from both sides … to respect the other party, listen, communicate, and build mutual trust,” remembering that “benevolent thoughts come from God while wicked intentions originate in the ‘evil one,’ Satan…(Read More)

We seek out the company of one another, wherever we may be, because we cannot pass the Peace alone. Because the Sacraments are meant to be shared. Because love is communicated in company, with a word, or a gesture, or a look (or a pile of kittens…(Read More)

It remains unclear where, how, or when the ramped-up ICE raids predicted by the President’s twitter account will materialize; but in the meantime, churches are taking their members’ fears seriously, and offering sanctuary, solace, and counsel where they can…(Read More)

The Vestry minutes included in the recent return from the Library of Congress cover the establishment of the parish in 1732 until the disestablishment of the colonial church in 1785. George Washington was elected to the Vestry in 1762…(Read More)

StDavid’s Cathedral, Wales

What makes a journey into a pilgrimage? These past two weeks I have been (as one wildly privileged) travelling in Britain, visiting family and taking a quick side hike into the Lake District. Throughout this allegedly ordinary and secular trip, I have been plagued by thoughts of pilgrimage. We have each, in the past weeks…(Read More)

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