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Escapement of Power


“Jesus spent his power on everybody. In his typically inclusive fashion, Luke reports that Jesus healed all who were sick.  Not just some, but all…(Read More)

“My father’s words come to mind. If something is worth doing, it is worth doing right. If a resolution is worth making, it is worth making today.  Why wait until New Year’s? Or Lent, for that matter. Begin again again. Today is the day of salvation…(Read More)



“Worship is expressed by the heart turned upward, but also by the life changed and committed to justice, by the way we treat others, our willingness to forgive, our desire to give…(Read More)

“The cross, does it symbolize death or life?  Defeat or victory? And as I grow older and draw closer to my own death, I wonder, whose cross is it, anyway…(Read More)

No Need to Rush


“I am convinced that God cares far less about any particular position I hold than she does about the way I engage the people around me…(Read More)

Taking Flight


“Three times Paul begs God to remove his limitation, and three times he is told, No. No, for my grace is sufficient. No, because if I remove this thorn, you will not need to rely upon me. No, for without gravity to keep your feet on the ground you will start to imagine you can…(Read More)

“Love is far more than infatuation, far more than warm feelings. For love to be love love, there must be an intertwining, a connection, a sense of belonging, one to the other…(Read More)