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“Running in the rain may not sound like your idea of fun, but a southern summer rain is warm and lonely in that lovely sort of way. I ran, and the drizzle fell to silence, like snow in winter, the graceful hush stilling both ocean and soul. I ran, and thought only of beauty and…(Read More)



“Lamentation is about the journey and not the destination. There is no point to Job other than the fact that he felt safe enough with God and his friends to express feelings no person should ever find themselves in the position of needing to express…(Read More)

“Early death is senseless, or at least not part of the plan. We were lovingly created to live, not to die. Early death is an extension of the curse (whatever that may mean to you). The shroud across humanity…(Read More)



“You enter a dark tomb expecting death, only to find the tomb illuminated with truth. Truth, as in a state of seeing. Or the posture of the soul. Pilate resisted truth, as expressed in his flippantly exclaimed rhetorical question, What is truth? Jesus had already answered the question, ‘I am the way, the truth, and…(Read More)

“John’s portrayal of Jesus washing feet is that of an artist, almost surreal with imagery more than depiction. John included this whisper of a story in substitution of the Maundy Thursday institution of the Holy Eucharist found in the other Gospels…(Read More)



“What does God do with all them prayers? Whacky? Goofy? Does he think of us, too much smokin’ you-know-what…(Read More)

“I am aware that I am arguing with Jesus, but he’s a rabbi and can handle it. The pastor in me answers the theodicy question differently from Jesus. We live in a broken world that contains evil like the oceans contain water…(Read More)

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