Jon White is the Managing Editor and Director of Episcopal Café, Ltd the non-profit corporation created to support the work of the Café. Jon is Rector of St Luke’s Episcopal Church in Camillus, NY and was formerly Rector at St Stephen’s Episcopal Church in Beckley, WV. He is a graduate of Portland State University in Oregon and Bexley Hall Seminary in Columbus, Ohio. Jon’s passions in the church are evangelism and formation. Besides the Church, Jon also has interests in urban planning, American cultural history, geology and anything created by Joss Whedon.

Synod of Roman Catholic Bishops discussing shift in church attitudes towards LGBTQ persons and divorced catholics

The Roman Catholic Church’s Synod of Bishops released a mid-term report this morning signaling a potential shift in the Church’s pastoral response to several issues, including remarried divorced persons and homosexuals. Cardinal Péter Erdő, General Rapporteur of the Assembly, in speaking of Jesus; said; “the Truth, became incarnate in human fragility not to condemn it, but to heal

Integrity Elects New President

As reported at Episcopal News Service, Integrity, the organization dedicated to inclusion of LGBTQ persons into the full life of the Episcopal Church has elected Matt Haines to be their new President, filling the vacancy left by the departure of the Rev Dr Caro

$1.5 million awarded to seminaries to include science in their curricula

The Washington Post reports that the American Association for the Advancement of Science has awarded grants to seminaries across the United States to fund efforts to bridge science and faith.

“Many (religious leaders) don’t get a lot of science in their training and yet they become the authority figures that many people in society look up to for advice for all kinds of things, including issues related to science and technology,” said Jennifer Wiseman, director of the AAAS Dialogue on Science, […]

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