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2FAB #50: 2Samuel 14-19


Luci and Jordan are working their way through the Bible, looking at the stories from a feminist perspective. In this episode; Absalom’s rebellion from Second Samuel…(Read More)

I need a hero


A review of the new Wonder Woman by Emily Wachner: “I have encouraged boys and girls alike to direct their admiration to the hero of the Gospels. And yet, my thirty-four-year-old self wept in awe in a dark theater in Manhattan as I watched Wonder Woman, and saw myself in her…(Read More)

Board Chair Gary Hall is trying to clear up the misunderstanding around the sale of the former EDS campus caused by a mistaken report in the Boston media…(Read More)

Is the universe self aware? This may seem like the object of theological musing, but its now a serious question among a group of physicists…(Read More)