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Like the bee gathering pollen and nectar, the recruitment and training of the ministry minute speakers and the coaching of their 500-word scripts and their training in public speaking is summer work.  Do it now, while there is no pressure from Fall schedules…(Read More)

What’s a saint for?


The church continues to struggle who and what we’re celebrating in the Lesser Feasts – maybe there’s a better way…(Read More)

Roundup for July 9th of the #GC79 highlights and our thoughts on what the bishops have wrought with their substitute BCP revision resolution…(Read More)

There was movement on the big issues of marriage equality and BCP revision, but other business continued apace as well. Our updates on today’s business in Austin…(Read More)

From All Points #16


Who or what do you see when you imagine God? Join us for a conversation with artist and priest Sharyn Turner on how we image God and how that affects how we imagine God…(Read More)

Love is a Power


The Presiding Bishop delivered a powerful sermon with humor, grace, and an unmistakable Gospel message at the royal wedding…(Read More)

Bexley Seabury Seminary today named the Rev. Dr. Micah T.J. Jackson, a professor at Seminary of the Southwest, as its new president, succeeding the Rev. Dr. Roger Ferlo, who retired in the fall of 2017…(Read More)

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