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Our piece of the puzzle


The Jesus Movement is all about following Jesus together, in the power of his Spirit of love.  It’s about helping Jesus love our neighbors–ALL of them, and especially the least of these.  It’s about sharing our stories of meeting Jesus and having him change our lives…(Read More)

Standing Committee cites a small applicant pool and says “more information” had been brought to their attention that calls into question their earlier decisions…(Read More)

The greatest story ever told


A day spent among comic book and role-playing-game fans opens a window into understanding the importance and power of putting narrative at the center of Christian life…(Read More)

Probably like many people across America, I’ve been feeling anxious this week. Seeing unrepentant and unexamined entitlement on display; seeing trauma trotted out cavalierly, has been hard for me. But yesterday, I drove…(Read More)

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