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Gallup takes a stab at understanding why people go to worship, and why they don’t. What lessons for our evangelism efforts might be learned from the results…(Read More)

Long time ABC Religion Reporter Peggy Wehmeyer has a piece at today’s setting out her anxieties over where the relationship between Evangelicals and President Trump might be going and how it has changed her views of her self-identification as an Evangelical…(Read More)

Thy kingdom Come


In this video The Archbishop of Cape Town and Primate of the Anglican Church of Southern Africa, Thabo Makgoba, talks with the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, and touches on his experiences as a teenager in Apartheid-era South Africa when he was chased by troops and feared for his life as they reflect on…(Read More)

An inquiry into institutional abuse of children lays bare an ugliness lurking within the Church of England; with Archbishop Welby saying it is “shaming and humiliating” to learn of what the church has done…(Read More)

A task force that was formed by the Archbishop of Canterbury in 2016 to maintain conversation and to restore relationships, rebuild mutual trust, heal the legacy of hurt and explore deep differences across the fractured Communion has announced plans for a Season of Repentance and Prayer next year…(Read More)

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