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He stinketh


This is about how all of us belongs to God–every muscle, sinew, and organ, as well as every thought and hope that flies out of our neurons–and God’s promise of a new, dazzling body that makes our mortal bodies of flesh pale in comparison, that we can scarcely comprehend…(Read More)

I had no idea at the time, of course, that this wonderful amalgamation of local culture into liturgy was very typical and in keeping with our theology that we make God accessible to the people by making the liturgy accessible to the people, and with its own local flavor, even in the middle of a…(Read More)

Yes, it means the banquet is going to be louder and more raucous, but unlike the fake peace that is simply the absence of conflict, the potential to share and experience the love of Christ and the true peace of Christ is absolutely alluring…(Read More)

Magic or miracle?


What I’ve come to discover is these stories always come with a profound change and restoration in the lives of those in the story…(Read More)

his passage serves as a reminder that our tendency is to think of God through the lenses crafted in our humanity or in our family.  If we are used to experiencing erratic and capricious behavior, we are prone to think of God in the same terms…(Read More)

You Are Needed


Paul reminds us that in the Body of Christ, no part is expendable.  Every part–from head to foot, has a function, and the function of the body as a whole is to praise God.  Yet that body–marvelous as it is–can always use another part–us…(Read More)

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