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“What we do know, though, is this parable is prefaced by Jesus explaining to the disciples the need to continue to pray (the assumption is the widow was a woman of prayer)–yet he tells them a parable that hinges on action, not prayer…(Read More)

Rising Waters


“If we can let go of fear, anxiety, and the illusion of control, even when the waters are up to our neck, we can begin to perceive the true current that meanders its way through any flood–the current of the waters of our baptism…(Read More)

“Contemplation and action are two sides of the coin that makes up our Christian life, and they are represented in both halves of our Eucharistic liturgy.  Mary and Martha are not competitors in ministry; they are partners in ministering to Jesus…(Read More)

Marjery Kempe


“She also began to travel to seek counsel from various Christian mystics of her time, particularly Julian of Norwich, who affirmed to her that her experience was genuine…(Read More)

Tag Team


“The story of these two gentle evangelists reminds us that the work of God doesn’t necessarily all happen in our lifetime.  We don’t always get to live to see the results…(Read More)

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