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“His methods are why we presently are beginning to experience greater diversity in worship in the various cultural expressions of the Episcopal church today, and part of how we are forming priests outside of a three year residential seminary experience…(Read More)

“I have devoted my energies to the study of the scriptures, observing monastic discipline, and singing the daily services in church; study, teaching, and writing have always been my delight…(Read More)

“Christina Rossetti was a woman who pushed against the grain of society in many ways; yet she found comfort and solace in her relationship with God.  As one of the company of saints, she reminds us that we simply don’t have to be like everyone else and to follow the convoluted places God leads…(Read More)

Miracle Food


“Yet it is in the mundane and the banal that we often find the strongest evidence that God is working with us every day to be a part of the restoration of the world…(Read More)

Running on Empty


It’s an awful place, the bottom…the place where we’ve run out of tears, the place where we feel useless and entirely emptied out. Yet…it’s the place where we have the highest likelihood of encountering God…(Read More)

Charles Todd Quintard


How do we learn to sit, with God’s help, among unpleasant truths of the past, alongside people in history who we can no longer simply laud their good works without commentary of larger, more corporate sins in which they participated…(Read More)

Old and Odd


If we want to be blunt about it, Simeon and Anna are essentially two old geezers who hang around the temple all the time.  Simeon has visions now and then, and Anna is always prophesying. We can only imagine what the nice polite temple-goers think about all that. My bet is, because they’re…(Read More)

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