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“What’s important, though, is that Jesus is not running from this trouble, but instead is going ahead and doing what is asked of him.  He’s doing the right thing, in spite of what grief is going to come down on his head, on account of it…(Read More)

Hey, Macrena!


“Macrena loved learning (from accounts, she was a person with a fairly extensive knowledge of the Bible), and she figured out pretty quickly that a wife’s life in those days didn’t leave much time for that.  Instead, she announced her decision to consider herself eternally betrothed to Christ, and embarked on a life…(Read More)

Other Voices


“From their point of view, they saw Saul babbling to himself, falling to the ground, and arising blind. They were not expecting to have to care for a blind man on this trip, and there had to be more than a little fear on their part…(Read More)

Here I Am, Lord


“Although we tend to think of “calling” in terms of the call to ordained ministry or vowed religious life, in reality every baptized Christian is called to something, and that call is neither self-determined, nor solely a “Me ‘n’ God” thing. If a call is there, the collective spiritual wisdom in the community–and…(Read More)

“It’s only been in recent years that discussion of footprints (such as our carbon footprint) have entered the front end of conversations, whether they are about stewardship, mission/outreach, or creation care…(Read More)

Thin Places


“The photo above is of the “thinnest place” on my pilgrimage…the ruins at Clonmacnoise, Ireland.  I was humbled to have had the opportunity to celebrate a midweek Eucharist there with our pilgrimage group.  About midway through the celebration, it suddenly dawned on me that what I was doing, had been done roughly 1500 years…(Read More)

Not Yet


“Sometimes, in our not knowing, over time we come to learn that whatever transpired or evolved ended up better than we imagined or would have scripted…and the truth is, we wouldn’t have been able to handle it.  We would very likely have gone off in another direction and missed the gift…(Read More)

Grafts and Roots


“Even though Lent is drawing to a close, it may be weeks, months or years more before we fully can understand or appreciate our own new graftings, and the process of prayerful, reflective self-examination can lead us closer to God in this upcoming season of resurrection…(Read More)

“Ultimately, I have to wonder if what was really bugging Judas was not the cost, but the intimacy of death, and his own sense of fear and self-unease around what would play out in the days to come.  We see soon enough how he manages his own avoidance of his own possible death, and…(Read More)

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