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“Each time we gather for communion, we offer our gifts, which are then taken onto the altar—mundane, simple things like bread and wine, yes, but also we offer what we value—our monetary offerings and offerings of our selves: our time and our talents for the common good. Those offerings are then blessed, consecrated…(Read More)

Only Love


“Philosophically, a perfect thing is eternal, and of the spiritual gifts, only love never ends; therefore, it is the greatest of the spiritual gifts…(Read More)



“And these songs are not ordinary songs. They speak of making great the works of God in the life of the world. They are as much acts of resistance as they are outpourings of joy. Resistance and glorious visions of justice for the oppressed ring throughout our gospel today…(Read More)

The Waiting


“Yet we Episcopalians stubbornly push back against the headlong leap into Christmas for another full month, observing instead the subtle discipline of waiting, of anticipation and patience in the face of instant gratification…(Read More)

Blur and Wonder


“The wonder expressed in both Job 38 and Psalm 104 startles with its earnest humility and awe, especially when heard now, in our modern era of species extinction and climate change. These verses call us to re-awaken to ourselves and our interdependence upon the myriad forms of life that share this planet, and a…(Read More)

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