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“What they got was like an electric shock going through the congregation, or maybe it was a jolt from the Holy Spirit, showing up early for Pentecost and deciding to make this wedding day something completely different and unforgettable…(Read More)

“…both were the recipients of gifts from God through Jesus even though they were two separate individuals who probably never met, and the only thing they had in common was that they both were in dire straits…(Read More)

“I could take my place back in the town, and begin again to build my life, this time full of gratitude to God for the man Jesus and the miraculous healing…(Read More)



“It’s about experiencing through living, making mistakes, enjoying successes, and most of all knowing what to take from both successes and failures to make us better at what we’re trying to do…(Read More)

“We followed Ann’s journey, a journey she allowed us to share with her. It was a gift that I, for one, have only just begun to really understand and really appreciate. It was like a final gift that she gave to me and, I’m sure, many others…(Read More)



“You find a way for God to work through you, and you understand what you are meant to do to make the kingdom of God appear here on earth…(Read More)



“I see community as a group of people who are interested in being connected to neighbors, coworkers, fellow church members, people in the neighborhood, and even people we encounter in the neighborhood like shopkeepers, barbers, and service workers…(Read More)

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