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The Humanity of Heroes


“We love to build people up only to enjoy equally tearing them down when we discover a flaw in their dealings or their character.  Noah, Abraham, David, Paul, and countless others were put on pedestals and then seemingly knocked down…(Read More)

“The kingdom of God isn’t a goal to be achieved once I take my last breath. It’s something that is as close as my next breath and as available as God’s grace…(Read More)

“They didn’t have Jesus to go to in the flesh as the disciples did, but yet Francis and Claire both seem to catch on to Jesus’s message far more easily. With them, it was a partnership with God, a meeting of the minds, the joining of the hearts, and a gift to all…(Read More)



“Jesus understood money. He spoke of it from time to time and always in the sense that money is not something that should be the be-all and end-all of things. Wealth is to be shared, not hoarded and not paid out to accomplish something criminal or even slightly criminal…(Read More)

“When it comes my time to hopefully rise to the pearly gates and the Golden Street stretching forth to the throne, I hope there’s a lot of music going on and not just “Holy, holy, holy” sung by a group of angels singing in plainchant…(Read More)

“Undoubtedly, she still had family there, and it’s not easy to think of the family going up in flames as the buildings, the trees, and everything that lived in Sodom and Gomorrah did. Maybe she had to look to believe what she had been told would happen, maybe even while praying that it wouldn…(Read More)

Spem in Alium


” wends its way through the whole Bible, and Biblical passages and stories have frequently been turned into compositions for both liturgical and concert use…(Read More)

“All we need are 1 million Joys at the doors of our churches and the fences and gates of our borders rather than 1 million AK-47s pointed across that short space between us and the rest of the world…(Read More)

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