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Sabbath at Bethany


“I think this Lazarus Saturday I’m going to be standing in front of the tomb of dear friends, at least mentally. There are so many that I wish Jesus would come and tell to come forth, even for just a day. I miss them just as Mary and Martha had yearned for their brother…(Read More)



“Everybody is familiar with scars of one form or another. There are different kinds, some of them grossly deforming, some very slight. All of them represent some event in the lives of those who bear them that was traumatic, painful, and debilitating, even if for a short time…(Read More)

Math is not Enough


“Jesus was not trying to teach math, although the disciples do get credit for remembering how many baskets of leftovers came at each feeding. They remembered the facts but not necessarily the lesson behind them. A literal reading the Bible can give us what we believe are the facts, but unless we look deeper, we…(Read More)

“One of the things that God had intended from the outset was that humankind would be close to God, to cling, to be not just servants of God but intimate companions…(Read More)

“God is not always going to tell us when the weather is going to be absolutely monstrous. The weather forecasters still can’t be one hundred percent accurate either, despite the knowledge they have of weather and weather patterns, signs and signals from satellites, and other types of monitoring equipment…(Read More)



“The world has many sacred places: Stonehenge, Iona, Mecca, the Ganges River, Jerusalem, Bethlehem, and many other places around the world where people gather to worship and to touch the spirituality of the site.  The important thing is that God is greater than any thing or any place, and can be worshiped either by our…(Read More)

Making Decisions


“There have been times in my life when I have been or felt pulled to do one thing or another, some of which turned out to be excellent things and some of them which turned out to be disasters…(Read More)

Praising God


“Psalm 148 is one of my favorites and is one that both begins and ends with the word “Hallelujah!” with an exclamation point. It’s meant to be emphasized and to be shouted joyfully, not mumbled or glossed over…(Read More)

Practicing Piety


“When we come to Ash Wednesday, we have ashes on our foreheads; then we come to the annual problem: what to do for the rest of the day. Jesus told us to beware of practicing our piety before others…(Read More)

Faith and a Comma


“Faith is doing what may not be the most natural thing but is the right thing. It is the letting go of my personal will and putting it in God’s hands while still using the intellect and reasoning ability that God gave me at my birth to do what is right and what I…(Read More)

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