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“Justice on our own terms isn’t justice at all, it’s just revenge. Justice has it’s beginning and its ending in the bread of love…(Read More)

Absalom the Just


“Revenge is not justice. If Absalom had eaten of the bread of love, there might have been some justice for Tamar. But, he ate of the bread of fear and of violence…(Read More)

“To find the real bread of life you have to look around. Get up before the heat of the day and scour the desert of life for food that will not disappoint…(Read More)



“Despite Michel’s love for David, there is no indication from either the text or the tradition that David loved her…(Read More)



The anonymous writer says that the kind of mocking we read about today is the one in which the mocker… “mocks others because he despises them for not having succeeded as he did in the acquisition of wealth and honor. He despises the poor, not in that he imputes any imprecations to them, but in…(Read More)

“The message is that Jesus can be fully alive to the marginalized and not be diminished for those who were in the in-group to start with. Healing and blessing are not zero-sum games. There’s plenty for everybody. So, if somebody else gets a blessing, you can still have yours…(Read More)



See, the dirt has meaning too. The first people were made of it, God entered into it, and things grow out of it. It is a hiding place for the soul and a place of transformation…(Read More)

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