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“So, go! Go! You are sent the same as any other disciple to forgive and to join all humanity into the freedom economy of God which leaves no one behind…(Read More)

“Like all those wacky, loveable sinners in the Bible, we are also confused and hurt and looking for a way out of the mechanized violence of the world and into the light of Christ’s Kingdom…(Read More)

“Love one another as I have loved you,” he said. So, I am left to wonder how I might be a friend to the one who has betrayed me, how will I love even her? So far, I am not doing too well, but I am trying…(Read More)

My Best Friend


I will be waiting and listening in the wind and looking out across the desert, wherever I go, I’ll be waiting. I’ll keep my ears open. I am waiting to hear her say, “You’re not going to believe this…(Read More)

We want to hold on, don’t we? We want our loved ones to remain present and in their bodies because we don’t want our lives changed, now or ever. Not like that. There is attachment to the way things are. But, when Jesus was on his way to whatever is next, he said…(Read More)

It Is Finished


Listen to the announcements God is making to you this week. Be encouraged in the tenderness of a friend, or the naked vulnerability of a brave spring daffodil. These are announcements about the kind of kingdom that will come when at last Jesus’s prayer is answered…(Read More)

Honestly, I do think that surviving this world with your soul intact is the most heroic thing we can do. When you embark on that journey, though, all the forces of darkness will try to crush you…(Read More)

Most recently our own Episcopal bishops announced that they, too, are aware of this situation and they have so graciously carved out nearly two whole hours during dinnertime to listen to the stories of women who feel they have been abused. Two hours. Perhaps the mascot for GC 2018 should be a biting serpent. They…(Read More)

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