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“As Christians, we believe that Jesus was the savior that they were looking for, the messiah, and that by his life, death, and resurrection he has saved all of us too. The reality on-the-ground, though, was that Jesus’s presence was creating division. For once, Jesus was telling it like it was. His…(Read More)



“Baseless hatred is not just about hating someone for no reason. It includes not doing anything to help others who are being treated cruelly…(Read More)

Greed = Death


“This story is about greed, a lot of Jesus’s parables are. But it is also about the unseen people in the story:  Who grew the crops, who would build the barns, why does the man have no one to talk to…(Read More)

“One time a girl in Sodom was convicted of giving bread to a poor person. As punishment, she was covered in honey and placed in front of a wasp’s nest. She died of wasp stings…(Read More)

“There are big things we can talk about, like the migrant crises on the southern border of the USA. But, we already know what is required: Don’t wrong them, love them, show them hospitality. It’s in the Bible. Interestingly, the Bible is silent on the subject of secure borders but it has a…(Read More)

Road Trip!


“They were expecting Jesus to pause and say, “Finally, a good Jew came by…” or, “Finally, a lawyer came by…” That would have held up a mirror of recognition to his listeners. They would have thought. “Oh, I’m a good Jew… I would have stopped to help the man too!” But, that is not…(Read More)

“Today we have a story about Jesus’s advance team. It’s hard to know what their aspirations or hopes might have been but Jesus gave them the same advice that we gave our 20th century advance team:  Travel light…(Read More)

Looking Ahead


“Hard as it is, these bodies are dead. We can not help them. But there are other bodies, living bodies. If we set our face to the future, we know that we’d better fight like hell for those bodies…(Read More)

“You don’t have to have much faith, apparently. You can yell out to God, “Leave me alone,” and that is all God needs to know that you want to be made well…(Read More)

“Here’s the gospel in the Trinity: God speaks of Godself as an individual, “I am…” God says. God the Father says it, God the Son says it, God the Holy Spirit says it. That is part of the Trinity, or the inner life of God. God is also present to the other members of…(Read More)

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