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“Prophecy is not a puzzle for us to figure out, it’s a poem that may lodge in our hearts and inspire something that we might not have imagined if it were all laid out for us. It’s a little riskier to read prophecy this way because it means that we won’t walk…(Read More)

“During this time, it is most important to remember that everybody is doing the best they can. Sometimes our best is pretty good, sometimes it’s not. But everybody is doing the best they can under the load that they carry…(Read More)

“Between blindness and sight, that is between the two stories, we have Jesus teaching his disciples about his mission and the kingdom which is coming. He tells the disciples to be like children, to be servants, to be last, to lose their lives…(Read More)

Wisdom Cries


“I realized how frequently I stare wisdom in the face and often don’t even realize it. So, today, with fewer words, let me share some images of wisdom…(Read More)

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