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Honestly, I do think that surviving this world with your soul intact is the most heroic thing we can do. When you embark on that journey, though, all the forces of darkness will try to crush you…(Read More)

Most recently our own Episcopal bishops announced that they, too, are aware of this situation and they have so graciously carved out nearly two whole hours during dinnertime to listen to the stories of women who feel they have been abused. Two hours. Perhaps the mascot for GC 2018 should be a biting serpent. They…(Read More)

Part of Jesus’s message that we should follow him is to allow the spirit of God to rest on us too. That is why whenever two or more of us get together the spirit of God is there with us. No sacrifice needed, no priest or bishop, and no temple either. Really, all that…(Read More)

I often think about this when I am dealing with people,.. I like to remember that what I am seeing is not the whole person. There are histories and stories behind the person in front of me, things I can’t understand. And hopefully, I can find some compassion in that…(Read More)

Whether you are facing life or death, there is something here for you. Either way, it is the path of surrender. Give up your life inside of time, give up your life when you step outside of time…(Read More)

To linger is tempting. I know. I don’t want to give up anything, after all. But Lent is about more than giving something up. More, even, than taking something on. There are probably a thousand or more good things you could do for Lent, but unless you allow the light of the world to…(Read More)

Why Christianity?


…the real reason I stick with Jesus is because he is a hand holder. He is not out there somewhere, and not high above us in the sky. Jesus – God with us – is beside us, holding our hands…(Read More)

…the kind of fishing that the disciples did was usually done at night or in the early hours of the morning when most people were sleeping. That’s a mysterious time when spirits might be about and the boundary between sleeping and wakefulness is thin…(Read More)

In the meantime, you and I will encounter a lot of things we don’t understand. There will be miracles which challenge our scientific world views, and statements that leave us aghast that Jesus would say such a thing…(Read More)

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